Thursday, 7 August 2014

Back to the Sea DVD

In between our holiday plans and during the awful Chicken Pox attacks, we have been watching a lot of children shows. After watching many Barbie and Disney ones, animation like Back to the Sea can be a refreshing option.

Flying fish Kevin lives with his family in New York Harbour, but he yearns for the day when he can experience the exotic life in the sea around the island of Barbados, the home of all flying fish. After an argument with his father, the leader of the school of flying fish, Kevin ventured into the fishing ground and got captured by fishermen. He soon ended up in a fish tank in a Chinese restaurant in New York Chinatown.

When he made friends with the restaurant owner's son, a little boy who has also lost his freedom to seek out his own adventure, Kevin convinced the boy to help him get back to the sea.

I was a bit confused with the graphics at first. The background of the animation is drawn in 3D with vibrant colour, but the characters are in 2D and slightly duller colour. I'm guessing that they are trying to give it a traditional Chinese feel, as most of the story surrounds the Chinese restaurant. I think I'm more used to the 3D animation, but the kids weren't bothered.

As I said above, the show is a refreshing change from all the other ones we've been watching over and over again, and the story was quite good. We didn't expect the story to end the way it did, which was a good ending, and we are really happy for both Kevin and the boy (I forgot his name). The kids enjoyed the show, and it's quite long as well (96 minutes) so it kept them busy for quite some time. For £5 it's a bargain!