Wednesday, 27 August 2014


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I'm not sure about you, but a lot of us know that dieting products doesn't really work (well, Slimpod, which is a hypnotherapy, did work on me as long as I keep listening), and most of them make your life like hell (my blog is called This is Life. Making my life sorry and hell-like to achieve something is not in my nature. Apart from having babies. We did do that to make our otherwise routine life into both heaven and hell.)

It's very obvious really, either

- cut out a/ many food groups from your diet (and always from my favourite food groups!),

- take in lots of fluid (fill yourself up with soup, juices and water to achieve that fake weight loss that disappears as soon as you take one bite of solid food. And it's so sad!),

- count your calories (I'll lose sanity if I have to make eating and going out for meals like a chore, so thumbs up to you if you are counting!),

- take replacement food (I'm not really sure what kind of chemicals they put in there, it can't be 100% natural otherwise you can just follow a recipe to make it with fresh ingredients right?)


- dieting pills

Now, taking dieting pills sounds like one of the more interesting way of losing weight as you can basically eat anything you want, including the most sinful food, without doing any exercise. Just pop a pill before your meal to fill you up or line your bowels to stop your body from absorbing. Right? But what's in them? Like replacement food, it can't possibly be 100% natural?

I had a look at the T5 pills, which seems like a popular dieting pill and it's pretty scary! According to Diet Pill Reviews at, they originally contained something called ephedrine, which is now banned from any dieting pills. I would be worried if I have been eating something for a long period of time and is now banned! They have now replaced it with something called Bitter Orange, which sounds natural enough, but is classed as a Traditional Chinese Medicine. Me and my family only use well known traditional Chinese medicine in our food occasionally but no way will I take any without making sure that I have the right body condition for it, so putting it as an ingredient for general public use is irresponsible as something that can cure someone can easily poison another.

I had a look at Bitter Orange on Chinese Wiki, and it has been recorded in 1500s that Bitter Orange should not be taken by pregnant women or people with Asthma, and unless under a particular condition, it should be avoided. If you prefer scientific studies, the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine stated that Bitter Orange can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

I think I've seen enough and really wouldn't touch any dieting pills no matter how natural they are.

To be honest, all the above dieting methods all come down to the same thing - eat less. You can really make dieting much more enjoyable if you lead a balanced diet, ie have a bit of everything, but in smaller portions. You can easily achieve that by using a smaller bowl and mug, and when you go out, scoop the food into a bowl instead of eating from their giant serving plates. That way, you can still enjoy the most sinful food and drinks in the world and lose weight, be happy and healthy. (Plus some exercise of course, though I'm not really keen in exercise so a bit of exercise from doing housework and walking up and down the stairs to me counts as well.)

Life is short, making it a bit more enjoyable isn't a sin.