Friday, 1 August 2014

Little Live Pets - Cool Cookie Bird

Little Live Pets, talking bird toy, interactive bird toy

Before we went to Longleat Safari Park last weekend (post to follow), we were sent a Little Live Pet to review from Character Options. When we saw the cheeky but stunning parrots at the park, I immediately thought of our bird! Maybe we should have brought her with us and let it interact with the birds there!

Little Live Pets, talking bird toy, interactive bird toy

Little Live Pet Bird (rrp £9.99, suitable for 5 years +, takes 2 AAA batteries) comes in 6 different styles, and another 2 that comes with a cage (rrp £19.99). We were sent Cool Cookie, who's a beautiful blue tweetie bird that can sing when you stroke her back, tweets and will copy what you last say in a squeaky voice when the button on her chest is pressed.

We adore Cool Cookie! I wonder whether the PR knows that me and Abby love blue as Cool Cookie is perfect for us! She's got a lovely soft fur that makes her stroke-able, and she has a really sweet voice (when she's not cheekily copying what we said). She will go to sleep if you don't play with her for half an hour, and you can easily wake up up by pressing the button on her chest. I think it'll be perfect if her wings can flap a bit when her beak moves as well, but for £9.99 and without all the hassle that comes with a real bird pet, we are very happy with it. I seriously wish that I brought her to Longleat Safari Park though as she'll fit right in!