Friday, 22 August 2014

Memebox Superbox #32 - Bubble pop Cosmetics, Deals & Discount Codes

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

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This was the first Memebox I bought 2 months ago, but it was scheduled to ship at the end of July. I bought this because it sounded like it's a fun box and I just love the word "Bubble". After trying everything out, it didn't disappoint and I did have lots of fun out of them!

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare
It arrived with another box
Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

Bubble Pop Cosmetics is currently out of stock. It was for $32 plus shipping but I had $10 off with Meme Points and discounts. It came with 5 full sized products:

Brilliant LoveHeart Sparkling Powder Set (29g x 5, worth $31)
Skineralism Ice Whitening Bubble Pack (7ml x 6, worth $36)
i belivyu Cube Sparkling Sugar Scrub - Rose (8g x7, worth $24)
Oseque Melting Cleanser (120g, worth $40)
Elensilia French CO2 Aqua (100g, worth $42)

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare
Info card
Total value of this box is $173, although some say that Memebox over valued their products. However, some of their products aren't readily available anywhere else (including Ebay), and the retail price of the products are still higher than what you have paid for for the box, so I think it's still worth buying through Memebox to get the good things abroad.

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

I actually bought a face bowl for this sparkling powder as I was meant to dip my face in the bowl of water after pouring the packets (A + B) into the water to make it fizz. The fizz was fun, but dipping my face in it wasn't easy as the bubbles went into my eyes and tried to force their way into my nose too. Some went into my mouth and it tasted salty.

I didn't do as many times and as long as the package instructed, but I did feel it working on my skin, which was great. It just wasn't easy on the eyes, nose and mouth and like others said, there are easier way to cleanse your face. The fun factor was there though and I'm definitely going to try again!

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

The Ice Whitening Bubble pack is another really fun and hilarious product! My face was soon covered in a really thick layer of foam, which was so dense that it hardly dissolve and I had to wipe everything off with a warm wet face cloth. My face was quite red even though it didn't sting at all, but it subsided soon and my face felt really clean. The kids had a good laugh as well and couldn't stop screaming "Monster!" at me when I had it on. Definitely one of the more dramatic product I ever used!

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

It's great to see a product I loved from previous boxes included in the later boxes! I was considering buying the ibelivyu Cube sparkling sugar scrub I received from the Birthday box again, but there were so many products coming my way so I didn't. And now I don't have to! This one is in Rose fragrance though and I do prefer the Lemon one.

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

This melting cleanser is a bit like the whitening bubble pack but less dramatic and it bubbles up much slower than the bubble pack. Once the bubbles has appeared I was to massage my face with it to cleanse. So it's a bit like normal cleanser but instead of creating a lather on your hands, you wait until it bubbles up on your face. I think it's an okay product.

Memebox, Bubble Pop Cosmetics, CO2 skincare

This CO2 Aqua Gel isn't the same as the other products in the box. Although it claimed to contain CO2, it doesn't do anything, but it's a nice gel to use, and nice to use as a night moisturiser.

Overall I had lots of fun trying out the products, though some require some patience to use. They are mostly cleansing products, which by now I have plenty, and I wish it has a bit more variety like the IOPE box (it basically covers my whole skincare routine!). There are a lot of uses from each product though and I can even share them with others without passing germs so I'm still really happy with this box. 

Favourite product: Whitening Bubble Pack
Products I like: 5/5
Products I'll consider buying again: 1/5
Products I'll pass on: 3/5 (just 1 use from those that I can share of course, the rest are mine!)