Thursday, 28 August 2014

Next Possible Holiday Destination - Lanzarote

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Haha yes. I have been doing some browsing on the Internet for our next holiday destination, as we have under-estimated the number of people who plan for and book their holiday months in advance. It is quite the opposite of what we are used to in Asia as holiday bookings are only released around 3 months before the holiday period!

So I was looking at holidays in Spain, and found some details about an island called Lanzarote. It's a Spanish Canary island, and erupted (volcanic island) during the 18th and 19th centuries. Because of the lack of erosion, Lanzarote still looks very similar to when it first erupted, so it looks quite unique compared to the rest of the world. Although it's volcanic, it actually have several white beaches, which was what I was aiming for our next holiday!

When I saw the above stunning pictures from Lanzarote, I thought, that's the experience I can get while enjoying a sun, sea and beach holiday at the same time! I would absolutely love to visit that beautiful volcanic tunnel - Atlantida Tunnel too, which is the longest in the World.

Apart from sight seeing and beaches, there are also shopping and open flea markets, diving and fishing, which would make this holiday very interesting! Budget is a major issue for us, and I would need really cheap flights to accommodate the comfort and all inclusive holiday I'm looking for. I had a look around for flights to Lanzarote and it's not bad at all! They fly during October half term and it works out to be about £996.00 including tax for the 4 of us, leaving me enough for maybe a 3 to 4 star accommodation all inclusive!

Just typing this out makes me feel really excited – this Spanish sunny island really has a lot to offer: a combination of lying on the beach and do nothing while the kids play with sand, and exploring a volcanic island that we've never done before! Bliss!