Thursday, 14 August 2014

Personal Planner Wall Planner Review + Giveaway

wall calendar, family calendar, personalised calendar

When I first discovered family planners back in 2011, I haven't bought another calendar since. It has to be one with a column for each family member, because this family is getting busier and busier, especially with the kids at school! Each time I would have to fill in my own column name and all the birthdays, but I finally found one that I didn't have to, as it's already pre-printed for me, plus some more!

I received a voucher to spend at Personal Planner from Blog On bloggers event goodie bag, and saw this fantastic Personalised Wall Planner, which is their latest product. I only had to top up £3.95 plus shipping to get it!

wall calendar, family calendar, personalised calendar

wall calendar, family calendar, personalised calendar

Personal Planner Wall Planner (£24.95 plus £2.95 p&p) can be fully personalised, including

- front cover (background and text), language used in the planner (how thoughtful!)
- number of columns (so flexible!),  column title where you can add an image to it as well
- design theme for the inside, the starting month and year, and add special days to the dates including birthdays
- adding modules at the bottom such as Things to Do

The quality of the planner is really good, and I'm so happy that everything in the column and row header are filled so I don't have to write them on one by one each year! There is plenty of writing space which most wall planner lacks and I always ended up writing over other dates. The quality of the papers are fantastic and the print is great as well. I love it that there are pictures on each column, very personalised indeed!

It will be perfect if there is a cardboard back cover to keep the wall calendar straight, although as soon as you hang it up it shouldn't be a problem anymore (I just need to make sure it's well kept until the end of the year), and a wallet for each month to file letters away, although that can make the planner a bit bulky.

Overall I'm really pleased with the wall planner and I can't wait to replace the current one with it!

As it's close to Back to School, the lovely people at Personal Planner is offering one of you to win your very own Personalised Wall Planner! Simply enter through the Rafflecopter below. Good luck! x

Deadline: Sunday 31st August 2014 midnight (where 12:01am is Monday)

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