Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Holiday We Longed For

Image from http://bit.ly/1uqZ4m9

The last time we went on a sun, sea and sand holiday was when me and hubby had our honeymoon in Minorca, which was 8 years ago. It was extremely hot but it was care free and we really enjoyed the dips in the pools and sea. I must admit that by the third day we were a bit bored, after all, there was just the 2 of us! We probably should have spent a day or two in a spa! We told ourselves that the next time we are on a beach holiday, we will be doing other things like visit a market or spa and make the most of our visit.

We had 2 kids and a house since, and have visited Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan to see our family and friends. And from our experience through short local trips, a Carribean holiday would probably not be as enjoyable when the children were so young.

Now that the kids have finally reached the age where we as a family can enjoy it though, we had to fork out money for my first car, and after spending so much in a go, it just didn't seem right to spend around the same amount in the same year again. So this year we ended up going to Legoland and Longleat Safari Park (post to follow), as well as other smaller trips around the UK instead. They aren't sun, sea and sand holidays, but we went to different places and the kids really enjoyed themselves. And if the kids are happy, we are happy too.

Of course, it doesn't mean that we don't want to have a Carribean holiday anymore, especially after seeing pictures from my brother and his family's holiday! To be honest, we could have easily saved up the total amount we spent on local holidays throughout the year and join them. But it's just easier for us this year to do it this way. Next time however, we might want to save up and have a French or Spanish holiday instead, where we can enjoy the sun and sea, a nice villa with all you can eat breakfasts and dinner that has plenty of seafood and free flow cocktails (or mocktails in our case). It might not be next year as we will be having visitors from abroad, but I guess it will give us more time to save up for that holiday we longed for.

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