Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Abby's New Bedroom

rainbow colour children bedroom, children bedroom decoration, interior design

I think it's safe to officially announce that we are in the process of moving house. With 2 growing children, there just isn't enough space in our 2 bedroom house anymore.

When we were looking around at show homes, we took note of a lot of decoration and design ideas of how we wanted our future home look like. Abby has taken a great interest in one of the girly bedroom as it is decorated with all the colours of the rainbow, and she said that instead of having one colour, she wanted them all.

I really liked that room too so I had a look around the Internet, and found a lot of items that will fit to her theme, which is rainbow colour, flower and butterfly.

I decided that the furniture should remain white to balance the colour chaos. Abby loves sparkly things as well, so I thought that Next's Ella set will work great in her room as it comes with crystal-like drawer knobs. The other items on the list are:

multi-colour Gypsie Chandelier
multi-colour Stripy Wallpaper
3D Butterfly Stickers
purple Flower Bedding
green Flower Rug
light pink Crystal Side Lamp

I think everything fits perfectly together apart from the pumpkin carriage lamp in the picture. It's really really cute but I'm not 100% sure about it. Otherwise I think that this will be the prettiest and most interesting room in our house! I can't wait to put it together!