Thursday, 18 September 2014

Beauty Boxes Cosmetics Sale

The thing with beauty boxes is that, although you get to enjoy the full on surprise factor, there bound to be the odd products that you aren't interested in. But just because I'm not keen in them, doesn't mean that others don't. So instead of wasting them or throwing them in the bin, I decided to sell them off at hopefully a decent price.

So take a peek and see whether you fancy anything. If you do but you think that the price is too high, feel free to email me and send me an offer. Prices are especially flexible for items I have swatched (on hand/ arm).

- Please click images to enlarge, so you can read the info card better
- Product descriptions will be added for items without a description card.
- Original price taken from beauty boxes' info card and converted from USD to GBP
- Manufacture/ Expiry dates included if there is one

- Ship to UK Mainland only. Shipping fee depends on buyer's shipping choice. I do not make extra through shipping. Shipping will be calculated at the final stage based on the total weight of the parcel.

- Products being sold will be crossed out, and then removed when the sale is complete

Memebox - 23 years old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy (25g Carboxy pack and mask sheet, worth approx £31)
Condition: New, unused.
Manufacture date: 2013.12.12
Selling for: £15 plus shipping

Note: This is a very popular product amongst those who have tried it, but I didn't dare to try as it will sting. I heard that the result is fantastic though!

Memebox - Rose Mine Azulene Calming Gel (75ml, worth approx £18)
Condition: Swatcheda couple of times
Expiry Date: 2017.04.08
Selling for: £6

Memebox - Oseque Dual Sun Block (70ml, worth approx £28)
Condition: New, unused
Expiry Date: 2016.05.11
Selling for £5 plus shipping

Memebox - Secret Key Body & Dress Perfume Mist No. 07 (80ml, worth approx. £6)
Condition: Sprayed twice
Manufacture Date: 2014.04.01
Expiry Date: 2017.03.31
Selling for £4
Fragrance: Citrus like, unisex

Memebox - i belivyu Flower Hand Cream in Yellow Flower (30ml, worth approx £5.50)
Condition: Swatched
Expiry Date: 2015.12.08
Selling for £2 plus shipping
Fragrance: Jasmine-like

Memebox - Secret Key Perfume Hand Cream in petit no.2 (30g, worth approx. £6)
Condition: New and still in plastic wrapping
Manufacture Date: 2013.12.09
Selling for: £3 plus shipping

Memebox - Barbinie Shea Butter Hand Cream in Rose Water (50ml, worth approx. £11)
Condition: New, still sealed. Box opened for picture purpose
Expiry Date: 2017.03.11
Selling for £4 plus shipping

Memebox - Konad Niju Mango Moisture Hand Cream (60ml, worth approx. £4)
Condition: New, unused
Expiry Date: 2016.10.22
Selling for £3 plus shipping

Memebox - RoseMine Perfumed Hand Cream in Hesperides (60ml, worth approx. £7)
Condition: New, unused
Expiry Date: 2017.08.06
Selling for £4 plus shipping

Memebox - Nasarang Herb BB SPF50+ PA+++ (30g, worth approx £28)
Condition: Swatched
Expiry Date: 2015.08.14
Selling for £12 plus shipping

Memebox - Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City (10ml, worth approx £6)
Condition: Swatched
Manufacture Date: 2014.03.11
Selling for £4 plus shipping

My Little Box - My Little Beauty Complexion Brightening Pen (12ml, worth £11)
Condition: New, unused
Selling for £10 plus shipping

July Glossybox - bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in Ruby (3.5g, worth £20)
Condition: Swatched
Selling for £7 plus shipping

Product Description: formulated with natural waxes, mineral pigments and antioxidants including vitamin C and E, providing protection against the sun and long lasting colour

Memebox - The Yeon Style Y Fruity Swirl Lip Balm in Strawberry Twist (5g, worth approx £5)
Condition: New, unopened
Selling for £5 plus shipping