Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Clarisonic New LUXE Brush Heads

Clarisonic LUXE brush head, facial brush, soft facial brush

I've been using Clarisonic Sonic Skincare system - Aria for a while now. I don't use it every day as I don't wear makeup often and my skin is fairly sensitive to the brushing, even though their brush heads are very soft. It's still an important part of my skincare routine and I use it once or twice a week. My face feel especially clean the night and day after using Aria, and I do wish that I can feel like that every day.

Clarisonic has just launched their new LUXE brush head range and have kindly sent me their Satin Precision brush head to try with my Clarisonic Aria. I'm so thankful of this brush head because it has granted me my wish and I can now use Clarisonic Aria to clean my face every day!

Clarisonic LUXE brush head, facial brush, soft facial brush

Clarisonic LUXE brush head, facial brush, soft facial brush

There are 3 brush heads in the new Clarisonic LUXE brush head range, each are retailed at £25.00 (£4 difference from the original brush heads):

Cashmere Cleanse - uniquely designed with ultra-soft bristles, it effectively cleanses skin with extreme fluid action. it will gently but powerfully cleanse even the driest and most mature skin types

Satin Precision - Specifically designed for targeted areas of facial contour. Users will enjoy using this brush for gentle cleansing around the most delicate area of the face

Velvet Foam (Body Brush) - specially designed for use on the body, this brush will heighten the cleansing experience through a unique massaging, high foaming action to leave skin hydrated and perfectly cleansed.

I chose their Satin Precision brush head to try as I have been looking for their most delicate brush head, and skin around my nose area tend to get really sensitive after cleansing (a mask after the cleansing always stings me around that area).

The brush head came in a little box (which I think is cute, though the design definitely reflect their luxuriousness), and comes with a brush head cover just like all their other brush heads. It has duo length bristles which is extremely soft, and as soon as I touched them, I couldn't let go! It was like stroking a baby rabbit! Sometimes brushes feel soft on the hand but prickly on the face. The Satin Precision is still as soft as a fluffy pet on the face, which is just amazing! I had to ask them whether they do makeup brushes as well, as I would love to buy them!

When used with Clarisonic Aria, it felt like feathers sweeping across my face, and I felt absolutely pampered. I think I'll try the Cashmere Cleanse next for a deep clean, purely because Satin Precision felt so delicate on my face, it made me wonder whether it cleanse the thicker areas of my skin as well as it does on my most delicate areas. I really wouldn't mind swapping brush heads for the cleanse to give me a full pampering session that doesn't take long anyway!

If you like Clarisonic's delicate brush heads, you must try their LUXE range brush heads!