Friday, 5 September 2014

Coca-Cola Life Review and Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I received a surprise parcel from Coca-Cola. It was a cute crate with 4 different kind of Coca-Cola products in it, including the new #CocaColaLife, which I was introduced to back in June when I went to Britmums Live. I've learned there that Coca-Cola is helping the nation to get active and healthy by donating money to various events, projects and charity that promotes active lifestyle, as well as promoting and launching healthier products.

When we heard about Coca-Cola Life, which contains 1/3 of natural sweetener Stevia, we were quite excited about it. It bridges the gap between Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero (Coca-Cola Zero uses new technology to make it taste more like the original Coca-Cola than the Diet Coke), and original Coca-Cola. It doesn't contain chemical sweetener, suppose to taste much more like original Coca-Cola, but contain 1/3 less sugar than original Coca-Cola.

I was so glad that we were given one of each of their Coca-Cola products to try, as it gave me an opportunity to taste the difference between original Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Life (I have no idea why I never compared it with the diet versions!)

When I first poured the drinks out (so I can get an unbiased opinion from the rest of the family), I immediately noticed that Coca-Cola Life contains a lot more fizz. The fizz lasted quite long and seem slightly more syrupy, so you can still see it in the above picture.

I tried it myself and honestly can't tell the difference. Hubby noticed the slight difference, but he was pleasantly surprised with how close it tasted like the original Coca-Cola, and asked whether we should convert to the healthier option (Zero was my favourite but Life is more natural!)! Needless to say, the kids couldn't taste the difference, but Abby told me that Life contains more fizz, so she preferred it, and Clay also pointed out that he liked Life more.

So it's safe to say that after our current batch of Coca-Cola is finished, we'll be converted to drinking green Coca-Cola!

The lovely PR is really nice and has also offered one of you a special crate of 24 cans of Coca-Cola Life so you can try it out yourself, and perhaps invite your family and friends to try it too. The taste the difference game is really fun to play!

To enter, simply answer the question in the following Rafflecopter, and there are additional ways to earn more entries as well. Good luck and hope you like Coca-Cola Life as much as we do! x

Deadline: Sunday 21st September 2014 midnight (where 12:01am is Monday)

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