Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Planning our Dream Holiday with Amadeus.Net

You may have seen my previous posts about a dream holiday, which I'm still working on (no harm spending a bit more time browsing around!). While I was struggling to put a plan for our holiday together (papers, saved links and spreadsheets everywhere!), I was introduced to Amadeus.Net, which is a website that help people create their holiday plan. It's almost like they knew exactly what I need!

Amadeus.Net is still a fairly new website, and they are looking for more people to create plans on their site so that they can make improvements, and ultimately providing the best service out there for people who are planning for their holidays. I gave it a try, and although it's not perfect just yet, I can see a lot of potential to come!

To make sure that your plan is saved and not disappear, you'll need to create an account with them first. It's really easy to open an account, and you can even do it by registering using Facebook details. You can then change your details under your profile if you wish.

It's very easy to create a plan then. You just need to click on the big red button on the top right corner, which is very easy to spot as the website's main colour is blue. You can then create a name for your plan, and add a description and a picture for it so you can identify your plan easily. If you don't mind to open your plan to public, which helps others create a quick plan for their holiday by copying the basic of your plan, simply change the plan from Private to Public. It helps others to search (by destination or inspiration) for your plan by adding a few tags on, so for example my Dream Holiday plan has the tag beach, sea, sand and tropical on, so if anyone is looking for something similar using the tags, they will see my plan, and it might just inspire someone to go to where we will (hopefully) be!

Once the plan is created, you can start adding your research on the plan. This includes flight details, which you can search using Amadeus.Net's flight search function. You can then add the flight plans you are interested in considering by clicking on the add to plan button. Note that you can't buy a ticket off Amadeus.Net, but they can direct you easily to the booking site for the flight and price you are interested in.

You can also add links to websites relevant to your holiday plan under the Links section of your plan. This is really helpful to me as I have links everywhere and even though I can add them to a Bookmark folder in my browser, I still have to go to it separately. Here, everything is in the same place so it's much easier for me. I can also add Travel Notes on the side. I like to write things down, especially for things to do. If I need a break from planning our holiday, I just need to leave myself a note and I can pick up where I left without wondering what I have done and what else I need to do.

We normally don't plan our holidays fully, and we tend to miss a lot of details. Amadeus.Net provides Trip Tools as well to help us check all the smaller details that will make the planning as perfect as possible. The currency, convertion and weather will definitely be used! i think if they can include a Special Day tool as well, which list out the public holidays, festivals and events, it would be even more useful as we always miss special days happening in places we visit. A Tourist Must Visit tool would be amazing as well! See, I told you that their website have a lot of potential to grow!

The website is still fairly new as mentioned before, and you might occasionally get stuck (I've feedbacked this to them), so any feedback to them will be great, so that they can make the site better. I think that the site is really helpful and I can put things together nice and clearly instead of scribbling it down on a notebook. I heard that they will be adding a Hotels section soon too! Hope that they'll keep up the good work and help us make holiday planning much easier!