Monday, 15 September 2014 Takeaway Service

Having lived in our current area for four years, we still haven't discovered most of the places or eatery in the neighbourhood. We do love trying out new things, so occasionally I would visit Tripadvisor for ideas, mainly on a special occasion when we want something different and not minding to splurge a little (highly recommended eatery tend to be a bit pricier). For takeaways/ deliveries, we tend to stick to our favourite ones, though this doesn't mean that we should stop exploring.

When we were approached by to try out their service, we found that there are 11 takeaways nearby, and none of them we've tried before. So I thought, why not?

The website is very easy to use, although I found the Refined Search by type of food a bit useless as most of the takeaways are listed under every category. I'm not sure whether have a screening procedure in place, but I'm guessing that when takeaway owners filled in the form to register their takeaway on the site, some would have claimed that they belong to every category to optimise their exposure.

It was a bit difficult to select which takeaway to go for, as they practically do exactly the same food. The list of choices for each menu are much longer than usual, as the same dish will appear a few times on the list, but cooked with a different type of meat. I guess it shortens the amount of steps required to add a dish to the shopping basket.

Hubby went for Addlington Spice at the end, as it has the highest Hygiene rating, but we made a mistake by assuming that all takeaways listed under our post code search are within delivery distance, especially when they stated that the delivery is free. According to reviews (which we should have checked before ordering), Addlington Spice is no where near us. Apparently a lot of peoople have experienced cold food delivered after an hour or two from ordering because of that.

So we decided to whip up a quick dinner (involving instant soup and buttered bread...) for the kids as it was already close to bed time. An hour after we ordered the food, we decided to ring them directly. They sounded like they were a bit baffled as to why we ordered a delivery from them as they were no where near us. Eventually they told hubby that they will deliver, which didn't happen until another hour later. It wasn't that bad anymore after we expected the order to be late, and I guess we were lucky that the food was still warm when they've arrived.

I'm not sure whether it was Addlington Spice who claimed that they will deliver that far, or has made a mistake by including them under our radar, but no customers should wait for 2 hours for their food to deliver. If the food was horrible, which we've experienced before, we would have been furious. It was good that the food was actually worth the wait, and hubby said that he would order from them again, but we will have to order around 4pm and ask them to deliver as soon as possible, then expect for a 2 hour delivery and hopefully the food will arrive in time.

I think having a website that shows you what takeaways are nearby can be very handy, and it gives smaller takeaways an opportunity to be discovered by people who normally go for takeaways that's around the corner. But I think that should at least make sure that each registered takeaway are within distance (or at least let customers know that a wait is to be expected) and are listed under the correct category, to avoid disappointment and make a better website to use. After all, we are paying them 50p per order for their service.

In this case, we have discovered a takeaway that's really good (no pictures taken unfortunately, as we were so hungry we scoffed everything down before I remembered about taking pictures), but we would have appreciated it more if we were given a pre-warning on that the takeaway is quite far away and a wait is expected.

Disclosure: Our meal was subsidised by so that we can try out their service; all opinions are honest and our own