Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Do Tree Fu Magic this Halloween with Tree Fu Tom - Tom's Big Spell DVD

Halloween children DVD, Tree Fu Tom Tom's Big Spell DVD, children program that helps dyspraxia

With Abby and Clay splitting TV time between CBeebies and CBBC, we have lost track of what is currently showing on CBeebies. It's a bit weird to us as for the past 6 years we have been used to CBeebies alone and we've basically never missed a show, but now there are quite a few that we haven't seen for a while, including Tree Fu Tom.

We've liked the show since it was first shown on TV. I still remember Abby trying to do the moves secretly, hoping that no one was watching her! We haven't seen it for a while now, so watching their newly released DVD - Tree Fu Tom: Tom's Big Spell was really refreshing, and the graphics quality was surprisingly good for a DVD as well (do note that we played it on our Blu-ray player)!

Halloween children DVD, Tree Fu Tom Tom's Big Spell DVD, children program that helps dyspraxia

Tree Fu Tom: Tom's Big Spell DVD (Universal rating, £6.00 on Amazon UK) comes with the following episodes:

Tom's Big Spell
Bad Tom
The Cavern Coaster
Chuckleberry Tom
Don't go Glowy
The Last Squizzle

The total running time is approximately 152 minutes, and comes with a subtitle option.

Tree Fu Tom is about an 8 years old boy who can transform himself into a little but mighty, magical super-hero using his magic belt and Tree Fu (special sequence of movements, which is designed to help young viewers with Dyspraxia). He joins his little friends in Treetopolis for adventures and magic learning. In the series, children are encouraged to join in the Tree Fu Magic moves.

I don't think we've seen any of the episodes included in the DVD (unless I wasn't paying attention at times), and we've really enjoyed the whole DVD! Our favourite episode is Don't Go Glowy as Glowy is just so adorable! I wonder what Bubble Roots taste like?

The DVD is perfect to get the kids into the Halloween mood, with it's magic spells, magic potions, flying broom and magical berries! Maybe Abby would be interested in dressing up as Treetog (magic spell teacher)! it was released yesterday and you can find it on Amazon UK or all good retail stores that stocks children DVDs.

Update: Just watched the DVD for the third time and I just noticed that episode Bad Tom is Halloween themed! The more reason you should get this DVD, it's so funny!