Wednesday, 15 October 2014

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014 - Peter Pan

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014, Peter Pan Panto, Christmas Panto

Last month I've posted about the release of CBeebies Christmas Show 2014 tickets that were free to apply. Have you managed to get the tickets? We weren't allocated any, but were lucky to be invited as press to watch the show last Saturday.

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014, Peter Pan Panto, Christmas Panto

When we got there, the riverside was already packed with families queuing up for CBeebies fun! The theme was pirates to match the CBeebies Christmas Show title - Peter Pan, but there were lots of different things to do as well including den building (with sticks!), shopping game and pictures taking with 2 really funny Captain Jack Sparrows! For those who weren't allocated a ticket there was still plenty to do, and there was a lot of shows on stage as well including Dr. Ranj, Rastamouse and Tree Fu Tom, keeping everyone busy while they were waiting to watch the filming of Peter Pan live on stage.

We had lunch with the press and press kids, and met Dr.Ranj, Clay's favourite celebrity! As well as some of the Peter Pan casts. Their outfit and makeup were gorgeous, and we couldn't wait to see who they were in the show.

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014, Peter Pan Panto, Christmas Panto

If you are looking for spoilers you've come to the wrong place hehe. I won't spoil such a fantastic production for your little ones, nor for you! All I can say is that we all enjoyed it very much and had fun interacting, all the cast performed really well and we can't wait to see the edited version of it this December. In fact, Abby wanted to watch the next filming at the big screen outside, until I told her that she wouldn't be seeing herself there haha!

We hope that you will love this year's CBeebies Christmas Show as much as we do, and as soon as I'm given the green light to publish some additional pictures, I will do that as soon as possible.

72 days until Christmas!