Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kate's Cakes Cake Squares

Kate's Cakes, Lemon Drizzle cakes, Chocolate cakes

Lately I've been fairly stressed out over the blog as it's the busiest time of the year for me (it's worth it of course and I hope you'll enjoy what I have in store for you as well!). Although I did well with losing weight before Summer, it's gradually going downhill again as I tend to binge eat when I'm stressed out, so I try to avoid full size cakes, in case I feel like eating the whole thing up.

Kate's Cakes has recently launched a selection of Cake Squares in Tesco that not only have just the right serving size, they are really delicious too.

Kate's Cakes, Lemon Drizzle cakes, Chocolate cakes

Kate's Cakes, Lemon Drizzle cakes, Chocolate cakes

The fabulous PR has sent us a couple of boxes of Kate's Cakes cake squares to try, as well as a really lovely tea set (plus tea bags too which I forgot to capture in the picture). The cakes we've received are Lemon Drizzle, which is Abby's absolute favourite (she never really like cakes), and Chocolate Fudge, which Clay can gobble up within a couple of bites if we don't keep an eye on him!

Each box are retailed at £1.99 and contains 5 individually wrapped cake squares. The cakes are really fresh (sponge are soft and moist) and fully covered with lovely sprinkles on the top. Both Lemon Drizzle and Chocolate Fudge are packed with real lemon and chocolate flavours (unlike those using artificial flavourings), and both go really well with a good, hot mug of tea.

Although the sprinkles for the Lemon Drizzle cakes are a bit too "candy" for me, I really love the lemony cake, and the whole chocolatey Chocolate Fudge cake. These are exactly what I'd expect when someone mention "treats", and I have been looking forward to my relaxing tea breaks.

Oh, and did I mention how yummy they will make a tea set look?