Thursday, 23 October 2014

Miioon Swoopercape

Halloween, Miioon Personalised Swoopercape, Children super hero costume

Abby went to her school's Halloween Spooky Disco last night and we were glad that she went as a Superhero Cat (Clay went as Batman!), which is different than the ghouls (this year some parents went all out with their children's makeup lol, we were frightened away by quite a few!), witches, pirates and princesses (Abby went as a peacock princess last year, so I have no problem with pretty dress up on Halloween. In fact, they eased my eyes a bit from the frightening makeups lol). Initially she was going as a normal cat, then her Miioon Swoopercape swooped in just in time to transform her into a superhero!

Halloween, Miioon Personalised Swoopercape, Children super hero costume

Halloween, Miioon Personalised Swoopercape, Children super hero costume

We have loved Abby's Ruckjack from Miioon so much (featured in last year's Christmas Gifts Guide) that we bought Clay one as well (you can spot them in most of the kids' outdoor pictures!). We are very happy with Miioon's quality, so when they offered us a Swoopercape to review, we accepted it, knowing that it would be great for the kids to roleplay with. I'm really glad that it has arrived before Halloween too!

Miioon's Swoopercape (one size) can be bought as a pre-designed version (£19.99 each), which comes in a specific pattern and colour for each alphabet, or you can customise it to your liking (£19.95 each). They come with matching mask and sonic wristbands, all can be strapped with Velcro, and both wristbands and Swoopercape are made with 100% Polyester shiny and really smooth fabric. The light weight fabric makes the Swoopercape fly in the wind just like a Superhero's cape should be.

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Customisation is very easy as it's designed to allow children to go through the designing steps themselves. Once saved, parents can go to the treasure chest and place the order for them.

2 years old Abby
We are very happy with the quality, and Abby-cat looked really good in it! There won't be anymore pillowcase-capes I guess, unless they start fighting over the Swoopercape!