Thursday, 9 October 2014

Robo Fish - Pirate and My Magical Mermaid - Corissa

And here is the review for the new Robo Fish - Pirates, and Robo Fish's magical version - My Magical Mermaid! Robo Fish has been a big hit since they've launched last year and was one of the top toys for Christmas 2013! This year, The Entertainer has included My Magical Mermaid as one of their top Christmas 2014 toys too!

The new Robo Fish - Pirates (suitable for 3 years plus, RRP £9.99) comes in 6 styles, and each comes with a display stand too. We were sent the pretty but badass purple fish! It's also our first Robo Fish so we were really eager to drop it into the water. As soon as it hits the water, it started swimming round and round the bowl. What was interesting to see is that it sometimes go slower, sometimes quicker. I really wish I have a big tank to put the fish in as the official commercial looks awesome! We do have a fish tank, but I rather not get slimy water all over our Robo Fish!

An exciting news for Robo Fish fans, is that they have launched a remote control that will work with the fish! So instead of watching it swim everywhere it wish, you can tell it to go through obstacles and do tricks! It also acts as a charging dock you can use to charge your fish with, how cool! The £24.99 remote control playset comes with the remote control, a Robo Fish, bonus stunt tail and a fish tank as well, perfect for this Christmas!

For those who love all things magical, ZURU has released an amazing My Magical Mermaid range too. There are 3 mermaids to collect, each are RRP £11.99 (suitable for 3 years plus) and come with 3 weight rings to keep the mermaid balanced inside the water. Mermaids can swim on their back or upright if the water is deep enough. Unfortunately we didn't have a deep container and the kids always wanted bubble bath so I couldn't show you what she does in the bath either. But hopefully the above official commercial can show you why she's been chosen as one of The Entertainer's top Christmas toys 2014.

I would recommend getting the playset that comes with an LED tank (rrp £24.99). Your child won't have to wait for bath time to see the mermaids swim, and it comes with LED that will turn it into a lovely night light!

The Robo Fish was a big hit last year and definitely worth looking in to this year.