Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Shupette - shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld 2014 Holiday Collection

I'm loving Christmas in October! This year apart from all the gorgeous and fun gifts for children, I've also discovered a world full of pretty things for the adults (mostly ladies hehe), including shu uemura's limited edition Shupette collection by Karl Lagerfeld! I couldn't make it to their launch event last Friday, but the lovely PR has sent me a few gorgeous products from the range, and I really love it!
For its latest collection shu uemura introduces a unique collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. Inspired by the world's most fashionable feline, Karl's cat Choupette, Shupette is a hand-picked selection of the brand's best-selling product reinvented for AW14. 

I was sent:

Shupette's flair eyelash curler (rrp £20)
- the fit is so much better than the one I have been using, and there is a cute Shupette charm dangling on one of the loop.

eye-need-shu trio #02 (rrp £29)
- a gorgeous set of Shu Uemura's pressed shimmer eyeshadow for a bright pink Tokyo kawaii cat eye (burgundy brown, bright pink and a lovely golden yellow)

rouge bonbon fantasy trio #01 (rrp £29)
- for Parisienne chic look, using Shu Uemura's innovative Lumicolor Matrix Technology to turn up the color and luminosity

Quick swatches for the lip and eye trios.

Eye trio:
It's very easy to get a good amount of product from this eye shadow onto a brush, and the formula makes it great for building up colour intensity. This is perfect for me as I have scared myself a few times using some other products, as the colour from them was too intense for me.

In the above picture I used the light golden yellow as base and highlights for the inner corner of my eyes (probably not showing very well in the picture), pink for the eye lid and burgandy brown for the outer corner of my eyes. I also used an eye liner.

The colour is actually pretty strong but the picture isn't showing it very well.

Lip trio:

This trio has a really creamy formula, I love it! The light pink is more like a gloss, where as the stronger pink is more pigmented (see arm swatches above). As I'm really into Korean style gradient lips at the moment, this trio is perfect for creating one, and the gradient style makes the bright colour much more wearable too.

All you need is lighten up the edges with foundation or concealer when you are doing your base makeup (I could probably lighten it a lot more in the above picture), and apply the light pink on most of the areas (avoiding the concealed edge), then the bright pink on the fullest part, and the burgundy red on the inner part for a stronger gradient.

I really like the Shupette collection, it's really cute and not only does it come with eye and lip colours (there is also an amazing Shupette has-it-all eye & lip palette for £129 that comes with a fluffy cat light pouch!) as well as other makeup, they also have a lovely range of beauty tools too, including the eye curler, travel size brush set and makeup trunk!

If you are, or know a cat lover who loves make-up as well, the Shupette collection is a must for you!