Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Video Effect - Nigel Camp

online video for business, vlogging guide, successful video marketing
New Cover
Having blogged for 3 years (Oh My God I think I missed my Blogaversary which was in September!), I barely did any videos that involves me talking in the clip, let alone being filmed in it as well. To me, it's a scary experience (what if I look bad/ stutter/ "erm" a lot/ sound funny/ etc etc), even though I'm actually just talking to a camera.

However, I know vlogging is really the way to go if I want to push my blog further. Have you seen the number of views on a good YouTube video? They can reach over hundreds of thousands of views within weeks, and if I can create a successful video clip, it can provide another dimension for my reviews and posts too.

online video for business, vlogging guide, successful video marketing
1st edition, signed by Nigel Camp himself too!
Note: This isn't the copy you will be buying. Please see below for the latest edition
Last year, I met a really nice guy called Nigel Camp at BritMum Live! 2013 (and this year too). He was a speaker for the video sessions, and I must say that they were an eye opener. Within the hour long sessions, I understood why a successful vlogger always have enough lights around them (without the big umbrella type reflector and giant floor lights!), good camera angle and sitting/ camera position, plus clean background. It's all down to good research and well planning before taking that video (with your Smartphone!).

Obviously I was one of the lucky bloggers who got to watch him demonstrate live, but he's also released a book called The Video Effect in 2013, and has recently launched its latest edition as well that you can buy from Amazon, or have it on Kindle. If you have a business that requires marketing (which business doesn't?) and you'd like to know more about video marketing and why it's an efficient way to help your business, this is the book for you.

The Video Effect by Nigel Camp (£10.00 Paperback or £4.42 Kindle version) is a user friendly, easy to read but not lacking professionalism guide to effectively market your business through online videos.

It explains why online videos are more and more important as a successful marketing tool, and how it works with social media (which is a very important key to a successful business including blogging nowadays). It also provides advice on how to choose your video equipment for different budgets and how to choose your video editing software as well.

I like it that, even though Nigel is a professional himself (he's the person behind, he covers different budget range for his recommendations to suit different business plans, so you won't just see him recommending the top of the range equipments and softwares.

His book also covers how online video can help with a business' SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), how to increase exposure for your video, the need to connect your video with your website/ blog, how to film a successful video and learn advertising techniques used by advertising companies.

His book is very useful to us bloggers, as a blog is only small, and we need to do quite a fair bit of work to get our blog seen by many. A lot of the time, professionals like to recommend expensive, over the top equipments and filming environment that we simply can't afford/ don't have. With Nigel's advice, I know that I can film a good enough video with my camera's HD video function, or even my phone's if I'm out and about, and there are a lot of free apps/ software for post-editing too.

I've also learned how to plan the filming and maximise exposure after the video has been uploaded. After all that hard work, you want it to be seen by as many people as possible of course.

I just have to pick up the courage to vlog!

Don't forget you can get Nigel's book on Amazon/ Amazon UK and download it to your Kindle too.