Thursday, 2 October 2014

Time to Think About Hair Care

There comes a stage when everyone, no matter how well they looked after themselves, has to admit that they are getting/ feeling old. I started feeling like that when I hit 30, and I noticed that it took me longer to recover from a flu, and my skin and hair just don't look good anymore.

I didn't care much then as I was happily devoting all my attention to Abby, and I was pregnant with Clay as well. But after about a year, I started getting worried about my hair. It's normal to lose a lot of hair after childbirth, but because I was (and still am) also suffering from Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, I thought I was going bald. I did go to see a doctor about it finally, but my priority was still my children and the damage to my hair from years of not looking after myself is definitely showing, and now my hair is thin and sad looking.

Recently I started paying more attention to myself, and now have a really complicated skincare regime that I might post about another day as it's so long! My skin is looking great though, and I think it's time to sort my hair out, if it's not too late!

For hair beauty products, apart from the treatment given by the doctor, I'm also using the hair care products I've received from Memeboxes. Don't brush Korean products off quickly, as far as I know, hair (and skin) beauty technology is more advanced in Asia. Heard of permanent hair straightening? I started having it done on my hair 14 years ago.

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Next, all I need is a good hair cut. I was due a cut 2 months ago and I really should stick to the schedule if I want healthy looking hair, it's just that I have to go all the way to Manchester to get it done because a lot of hairdressers just can't do what I'd like them to do (and it's hardly a difficult style!). It took me years to finally find a really good local hairdresser (ie not Chinese, which I'd have to go to London for as the Manchester one is just.. urgh!!) who actually gave me the hair cut I asked for. 

If you are based in the North West I highly recommend MUFTI in Manchester. Claire was absolutely wonderful, and impressed me with the way she used her scissors. I had someone from a posh looking salon cutting my hair like he would with paper, and I ended up with chunky cut strands of hair that I specifically told him not to do! Anyway, I'll have to pay her a visit very soon and I think I'll opt for that first hairstyle above, I just love the fringe, layers and even the colour, although I think colouring my hair isn't really a good idea in case it irritates my scalp further.

I'm actually surprised that MUFTI didn't get nominated in this year's prestigious British Hairdressing Business Awards. I really think that they deserve at least a nomination. They have a lot of great reviews and I haven't seen any negative ones yet, whereas there was plenty for Tony & Guy.

As for those living in London, if you are looking for hairdressers in Islington, you should give The Chapel a visit. They are this year's biggest winner at the awards as they snapped up 2 pretty important prizes. I had a look on the Internet and there were lots of great reviews online, proving that they definitely deserved it. My favourite is this review, written by Sally from Queenie and The Dew. The way Georgia cut her hair is exactly the way Hong Kong hair dressers would do to make thick coarse hair look thinner and tamed. I need the opposite though, however, if I live in London, I'd definitely pay them a visit. But I don't, and I'm just happy that I at least found one nearer to home that I can trust without having to leg it all the way to London!

Back to hair care, what's your beauty regime? I'd love to hear how you keep your hair looking alive and fizz free!