Thursday, 9 October 2014

Twizzles - Berry

Twizzles, Fashion pet toy, collectible toy

While I'm working hard on this year's fabulous Christmas Gifts Guide, I thought I'll review some of the toys (don't worry, the gift guide isn't all about toys, although they do take up a big section!) on my blog first, so I can give you a more detailed review for some of them.

Today I want to show you a few toys from the toy company ZURU, who are behind the really cool Robo Fish! They've released something new in the range, which I'll show you later today. First I want to show you this really adorable and fun Twizzles that Abby kept telling me about whenever she saw the TV advert on Cartoonito!

Twizzles, Fashion pet toy, collectible toy

Twizzles (suitable for children age 3+, rrp £9.99 each) are a collection (at the moment there are 6 to collect) of adorable characters with really funky hair that children can style. They can create the usual hair styles like plaits or buns, and because the soft hair pieces are removable, they can create even more different styles than on a normal hair styling toy (for example, 2 strands of hair pieces instead of 4, or just the one at the top).

We were sent Twizzles - Berry to review, and she comes with

a comb
4 hair pieces
3 hair pins
a removable tail
a magnetic cupcake, which is Twizzles favourite food!

Twizzles, Fashion pet toy, collectible toy

Apart from hair styling, there are other ways to play with Twizzles as well. Children can press Twizzles' head all the way down until they hear a clicking sound that locks her head in place. When they pull the tail down, her head will twizzle up!

They can also make Twizzle's head turn by moving their cupcake close to their nose without touching, and move it left to right. Unfortunately Clay took the cupcake and hid it somewhere so I couldn't take a picture of how it works (the problem with letting the kids review the toys before I can take a picture of it!), but hopefully the official commercial below can show you what Twizzles do:

We like it that Twizzles isn't just a hair styling doll, but you can actually play with them as well. Everything about them is cute and because there are 6 to collect, you can always swap the accessories around. I think Twizzles will make lovely birthday gifts or even fabulous Christmas stocking fillers!