Monday, 24 November 2014

Wasgij Christmas Puzzle 10: The Mystery Shopper!

Wasgij Puzzle, Christmas puzzle, Christmas gift

Happy Monday! This is written on Friday super early morning (actually it's just past midnight), and if our house move during the weekend is successful, I would be stuck at the new house now (unpacking, hopefully!) with no Internet access. Let's hope that my 3G will work so I can do some sharing and winners picking, otherwise please bear with me and I'll try to be back as soon as I can!

You might already know that I'm a big fan of Wasgij puzzles. I love them because what you are piecing together is different than what is showing on the picture, but they are related so when you are finished, you can look at them like a before and after story (always with a great sense of humour too).

Wasgij has a range of Christmas puzzles, and they have just released this year's Christmas Puzzle 10: The Mystery Shopper! I'm so glad to be given the opportunity to review it! I love the peace I get when I put a puzzle together on my own, and I also love the feeling of achievement after putting a Wasgij together without looking at the hints. After all the stress, I can really do with sitting down and putting this puzzle together now, but with the house move brought forward, I had no choice but to pack it away. I still want to show it to you now, as this is the time for Christmas shopping planning, and I know Wasgij quality so I do highly recommend their puzzles for puzzle lovers. This will make a great Christmas present for them!

Wasgij Puzzle, Christmas puzzle, Christmas gift

Wasgij Christmas Puzzle 10: The Mystery Shopper! (rrp £19.99) comes with 2 x 1000 pieces puzzles - one for the image shown on the box and the other the solution. Each bag of puzzle is distinguished with a note, although you might not want to look at the note for the solution as it comes with the whole spoiler!

The local department store is thriving with shopper’s trying to pick up the best Christmas bargains in the lead up to the big day! The store is gleaming with Christmas decorations that are hanging from the ceiling, Christmas tree and employee’s costumes – but what has caught the eyes of the busy shoppers? Is it that must-have bargain that will put a smile of their child’s face?

I really want to know what the shoppers are seeing! So I will be putting this together as soon as I get the chance (in between unpacking perhaps!). Wasgij puzzles are made of great quality cardboards, and they fit together perfectly. Taking them apart and piecing them back again does not affect its quality either, so I do highly recommend their puzzles, and this one is just perfect for Christmas! You can see my other Wasgij puzzles reviews here to see what else we think about their range.

On another note, Wasgij is currently running an amazing giveaway as well that I think is really worth entering! One person get to win £10,000 in cash, as well as ALL the latest Wasgij puzzles in the 2014/ 2015 range, and 25 runners up will win a bundle of Wasgij goodies to help build their puzzle collection! Simply enter here before 11:59pm on 31st January, 2015. Further details can be found on their website through the blue link.

Good luck and I'll be back soon! x