Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Chef'n Cookie Stamp - Winter Stamps

Christmas Baking, Chef'n Winter Cookie Stamp, handmade Christmas Gifts

A while ago I've reviewed Chef'n Cookie Stamps, and we really love it! They are easy to store and comes in 5 lovely patterns that stamps really well on cookies. The pattern comes out perfect without missing a bit here or there, and icing them was so much easier too. I also recommended their Winter Stamps on my post as I thought, and still think, that these cookies will make amazing homemade Christmas Gifts. You can ice them yourself or include coloured icing tubes in the gift for the recipient to ice themselves, either way they will look amazing.

Before I got a chance to buy it, the lovely PR has sent me the Winter Stamps as a gift as she has read my commend, thank you so much!

Although we are busy packing and moving, and it's still too early for me to bake these cookies for Christmas, I want to show you how good these cookie stamps are, in case you fancy buying a set yourself. I wish I can show you now what they will look like with icing on as well but I've packed everything away without thinking (the cookie dough lacked baking soda too haha). So I'll just quickly show you what these stamps and plain cookies look like, and when I start unpacking, I'll show you how they look iced.

Christmas Baking, Chef'n Winter Cookie Stamp, handmade Christmas Gifts

Chef'n Cookie Stamp - Winter Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set (£10.10 on Amazon UK) comes with a container, 5 cookie stamps in red and white (Gingerbread man, Gingerbread woman, Snowflake, Snowman and Christmas Bauble), a lid that acts as the cutter and an instruction leaflet with cookie dough recipe.

The stamps are really easy to use and to clean, takes minimum space to store and are kept tidy inside the container (unlike my other cookie cutters that's everywhere in a bag...). Press the big red button to stamp, and if the cookie dough gets stuck on the stamp, simply press the button a few more times to release it. Do of course flour the stamps and cutter first to make the release easier.

Christmas Baking, Chef'n Winter Cookie Stamp, handmade Christmas Gifts
The Joseph Joseph rolling pin I mentioned on my previous Chef'n Cookie Stamp post, I bought it and it's one of my best buy! Look at my beautifully flat cookie dough!
Excuse the amount of flour I used to dust my table, I couldn't find my little sieve!
Christmas Baking, Chef'n Winter Cookie Stamp, handmade Christmas Gifts

My cookie dough sheet is 6mm thick, but I think I'll try 4mm next time. It's definitely better than my cookies I made with the original stamps, where the edge of the stamp showed on the cookies as the dough was too thick. You can see the pattern clearly even after baking and the cookie has expanded.The patterns are really cute and I would have iced these with sky blue and white icings only, or you can do green and red with a sprinkle of edible gold dust before the icing dries up completely. There is so much you can do, but with the pattern printed on, it saves you from drawing the patterns with icing yourself for every single one.

I didn't have space in the freezer to freeze the cut out cookies first before baking, which I would recommend doing as it does keep the cookies slightly flatter. I've also used a different cookie dough recipe as I prefer this recipe. I'll definitely bake these as part of my Christmas gifts to teachers, and I'll post the result up when they are done!

Happy baking!