Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Advent Calendar 2014 - Milk Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat, Christmas Advent Calendar, Advent Calendar for adults

We always get our advent calendars early, and ended up regretting it as the better ones comes out closer to Christmas! This year I told Abby that we aren't buying any until the new stock comes out, let's hope that I will remember!

We never bought any advent calendar for adults, but Christmas shouldn't be all about the kids right (obviously I have been thinking more and more about ourselves haha)? I discovered that there are actually a lot of advent calendars out there for adults, including Hotel Chocolate's range (you can buy them for children too of course).

Hotel Chocolat has a wide range of lovely Christmas chocolates available each year, suitable for adults and children alike. This year I discovered that, not only do they have an advent calendar in milk, dark and white chocolate versions, they also have one for 2 person to share! We were sent the milk chocolate advent calendar for review purpose, which is fantastic, but I'd definitely consider buying the sharing one (£26) for me and hubby, as there are 2 chocolates behind each door, how cute and sweet is that! I think all couples should get one!

Hotel Chocolat, Christmas Advent Calendar, Advent Calendar for adults

Hotel Chocolat, Christmas Advent Calendar, Advent Calendar for adults

As mentioned above, we were kindly sent Hotel Chocolat's The Advent Calendar Christmas 2014 - Milk Chocolate (£12.50) to review. There are 24 doors, and each has a solid 40% cocoa content milk chocolate Christmas sculpture hiding behind.

We love Hotel Chocolat's chocolates, you can find our previous reviews here. My favourite is their dark chocolate range, but hubby prefers milk chocolate, so this calendar will be for him (unless I'm buying the sharing one, then I'm going to keep this to myself!).

To be honest they are good at making all 3 types of chocolate, dark isn't too bitter, milk and white won't make you run for water (some brands' ones can really make your throat itch!), and they are all velvety smooth. The only thing I would change is to make it a 25 days advent calendar instead of 24, with the 25th being bigger. It is Christmas after all. It feels a bit weird to stop the countdown celebration at 24th and you don't get the big treat on the 25th. Or am I the only one who's being greedy, counting down to a bigger treat with a treat every day haha.

Christmas is a family celebration, and the countdown fun/ enjoyment shouldn't be limited to children only. Let us count down together with them too with these luxury chocolates! 45 days to go (whoa! Already?!)!