Friday, 14 November 2014

Kawaii Box November Review

Kawaii Box, November Kawaii Box, Subscription Box

On my Christmas Gifts Guide 2014 for children, I recommended gifting them a subscription box filled with goodies (actually you can make one up for them too!). One of them was Kawaii box, as I found the previous boxes really cute and packed full of goodies. I loved them so much I bought 2 of their December box as gifts for Christmas!

While liaising with their press office, they have kindly offered me a box to review as well! I was really glad as I wanted to buy the November box, but I had to save up for all the other boxes for Christmas! It took the November box only a week to arrive, which was quite impressive as they were shipped from Singapore, and most of my shipped from Korea boxes took 2 weeks!

A bit about Kawaii Box:

(Kawaii means cute in Japanese)

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box curated by, which is an online store selling cute Korean and Japanese lifestyle products, including but not limited to food and stationery. Each monthly box comes with an unknown selection of 10 to 12 handpicked Kawaii items, and cost USD18.90 (approximately £12) a month with free shipping.

Kawaii Box, November Kawaii Box, Subscription Box

The November Kawaii box comes with 10 products in the box, as well as a lovely hand written note welcoming us to Autumn! The 10 products are:

Panda Puffy Stickers (47 stickers)
2015 Little Sheep Mini Calendar that starts from November 2014 to December 2015
Roll of Heart shape Lace Stickers
Sticky Memo Pads (2 in a pack)
Glico Pocky Sticks - Original
Zipper Bracelet
My Melody Socks
Macaron Dessert Mobile Phone/ Handbag Charm
OMG Keyring
Plush Toy Keyring

Apart from the Glico Pocky, which has disappeared in both Abby and Clay's tummy in no time, everything else is really cute. Abby snatched the plush toy keyring off my hand and ran off with it, where as my favourite is the Little Sheep calendar. How thoughtful for them to start in November! 

My favourite would have been the Macaron Dessert charm because I have always wanted one ever since I've seen one made by a famous Japanese designer (extremely expensive of course with real crystals/ jewels!), but unfortunately my Macaron came with a really strong plastic-ey fume that gave me a headache. I aired it out for 24 hours and the smell is contained, so I think I'll air it for a couple more days. After all, it is very cute and I'd like to be able to use it!

Update 15/11/14: I just realised that the Macaron Dessert Charm is actually a trinket box you can open! You can put a ring in it or melt your favourite lip balm/ stick into it!

I was slightly disappointed with this month's box as the previous few boxes were much cuter, but I've seen this happened before with other companies where their products is superb during the seasonal/ festive months and quieter during the other months, so I'm expecting the December box to be really good! I was also assuming that all products included are sourced from/ designed by Japan and Korea (although to be fair they never said that they are FROM those countries), which to me means higher quality, but apart from 3 products that has labels in Japanese and Korean and 4 has no labels on, the other 3 are products that are originated from different countries (I don't just mean Made in a different country but designed by and sold to as well). It doesn't affect the Kawaii factor at all, and one of them is my favourite Calendar, but I would value the box a bit lower than I originally did.

Overall, the Kawaii box is still worth buying as they only cost USD18.90 each month with free shipping, and you'll get 10-12 really cute surprises! I always think that subscription boxes is the way to discover new products and new likes/ favourites, as well as new trends. So if your child/ young adults, or even you if you are like me, love cute things and discover new loves, I would recommend Kawaii box to you. The December box will be perfect as the first trialing box too!