Friday, 12 December 2014

Baker Ross Christmas Crafts

Baker Ross has sent us another lovely selection of their Christmas craft range to review, and it’s been keeping us company during the Internet-less days! We’ve used some of the creations as part of our Christmas decoration, while the kids are still working on others. We were sent:

Baker Ross Craft-it! Penguin Mix & Match Jewel Decorations (5 in a pack)
Baker Ross Craft-it! Bauble Stained Glass Effect Decorations (6 in a pack)
Baker Ross Craft-it! Personalised Stocking Advent Calendars (3 in a pack)
Folia Paper Transparent 3D Foil Papers (5 sheets)
Baker Ross Craft-it! Wooden House Boxes (4 in a box)
Baker Ross Craft-it! Self-Adhesive Gem Strips (36 pieces)

I did the penguins with Clay as it was easier for him to create the cute penguins. I was really happy that all of the pieces were self-adhesive apart from the googly eyes. He really loved making them, so we ended up doing all the penguins! He loved sticking the pieces together and decorating the hats and scarves. We’ve stuck them to a paper ribbon to make a garland and it’s now adorning our French doors next to the Christmas tree!

Abby was upset that all the penguins were made, but was glad to work on the Bauble Stained Glass decorations as she wasn’t usually allowed glue and scissors in the house (it felt less messy and dangerous than in the old house!) We love the effect and hopefully can get a few more done for Christmas as they are so pretty on the windows.

The Stocking Advent Calendars are really interesting. You put the stocking together and instantly get an advent calendar for colouring in! You can easily turn it into a game of “this picture means a jelly bean, and that means a piece of chocolate”. There is a lot of colouring to do, perfect for the current stormy weather!

I really like the transparent 3D foil papers! They feel like ultra thin plastic, and the pattern and colours are mesmerising! They’ll be great for decorating Christmas cards, but I made them little flower bouquet instead and it’s now sitting on my window sill, waiting to catch some lovely sunlight!

We were also sent a box of really well made wooden house boxes, which can be opened by turning the lid sideways. As most of our craft materials are still in boxes, we used markers to colour the box instead, and decorated it with their self-adhesive gem strips, which is so pretty and Christmassy! I love it when the gems come in a whole strip, so I don’t have to stick the gems on one by one! You can break the sticky bit between the gems off easily, so if you want individual gems that’s not a problem either.

Christmas crafting is fun, and it’s a great way to keep up the Christmas Spirit! You can find all the featured craft materials at Baker Ross’ Christmas section.