Wednesday, 10 December 2014

CBeebies Christmas Production 2014 – Peter Pan

Okay, I admit that I enjoyed spending the extra time with my kids before I gpt my Internet back, but I also missed going online and be able to do things! I’ve typed this up on Word document, and I'm glad that I can upload it now as it’s CBeebies news I want to share with you! I’m finally given the green light to let you know a bit more about their Christmas production this year!

This year’s CBeebies Christmas Production features all the fabulous presenters, including Carrie, Rebecca and Mr. Maker, and the first screening will be on

Friday 19th December 2014 at 5pm!

Remember to sit tight with your child and watch one of their best Christmas production ever! Of course, it will be showing again over the Christmas holidays, so if you missed it, no worries, there will be plenty of chances for the little ones to see it. We can’t wait to see the final edited version, it will be great and perfect to start the holidays!

I’ll be bombarding my blog with several posts these few days as they have been delayed for too long, and they deserve to be seen by you before your final Christmas shopping, so please bear with me and do take a look and why I think they will make fantastic Christmas gifts!