Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chicago Town – Collect a cool Slice Sabre now for Christmas!

Back in University student time, I always had a box or two microwavable pizzas in the freezer. The pizzas were thin and had hardly any toppings, but they were cheap and very handy for a busy student!

When I opened the box of Chicago Town The Deep Dish Pizza we bought using vouchers their PR has sent me, I was pleasantly surprised! For a simple microwavable (although oven baked is recommended) pizza, that’s a lot of toppings, and with a thick base too. Although I’d prefer my children to eat well in University, at least I know that they won’t starve with these rrp £2.29 for 2 pizzas!

The left one is our favourite pizza flavour – Meat Combo, and we also bought the limited edition Diner Ham and Cheese Topper, both were delicious with a good layer of cheese (yum yum yum) and gone in no time!

Chicago Town are currently offering their pizza fans a chance to collect yourself or for someone as a Christmas present, their really cool Slice Sabre or Super Slice Sabre!

The one featured in the picture is the Chicago Town Super Slice Sabre. Not only is the blade super sharp for slicing those gorgeously chewy pizzas, it has a precision cutting beam that lights up when you press the button, which also activates a cool sound effect (like a jet flying pass, lasts approximately 3 seconds or when the button is pressed again). The blade and front of the sabre is removable for easy washing too. The standard Slice Sabre is similar, just without the light and sound effect and comes in a different colour.

I can think of a lot of guys I know who’d absolutely love the Super Slice Sabre! All it takes is to collect 9 codes (1 code per Deep Dish box), or 5 for the standard Slice Sabre. Obviously, the Super Slice Sabre, with its features, will make a cooler Christmas gift For Him, but the standard one looks very nice too, and have I mentioned how sharp the blade is? The offer is until March 2015 while stock last, if you are still struggling to find a For Him present, collecting the 5 or 9 codes isn’t that difficult, and you get the yummy pizzas too!

Chicago Town has also launched a new Facebook game – Slice Sabre PRO, for those who love to challenge themselves to become the fastest and most accurate pizza slicer! You can challenge your Facebook friends to beat your score to be the best on your Facebook’s leader board too. There is also a chance of winning an awesome selection of “out of this World” Chicago Town goodies! So don’t forget to pop over their Facebook page while enjoying their delicious pizzas!