Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas presents from Toxic Fox (plus Discount Code)

I'm so glad to have Internet back! I do most of my Christmas shopping online so I have much catching up to do. Before I lost my Internet, I was introduced to a fantastic online gifts shop Toxic Fox. I think you should definitely check them out as they have a range of gorgeous as well as quirky products that will make great Christmas presents! Their newly designed website is very easy to navigate, and they even have a few videos on the website with presenters recommending some of their Christmas gifts, so you can see their actual size and some demonstrations as well before you buy. They have kindly sent me 2 personalised gifts from their main range - ClaireaBella and Typography of Love (perfect for our new home!), as well as a couple of fabulous stocking fillers. Read on and find yourself a 10% off discount code too!

My personalised Claireabella Large Jute Bag (£39.99) is gorgeous! Initially I thought that you can only choose what name you want on a design, but no! You can also choose the background, skin colour, hair colour, hair style and eyes colour as well! So yes, that’s me! I wish! If they have a geeky version with children on one side, phone in one hand and tablet in the other, spectacles and blue outfit, that would be me alright! But then that would be 100% customised hehe. They do have a gorgeous pregnant mum version too that will suit a lot of lovely ladies I know, which will make great keepsake too!

I’ve seen Clairabella bags quite often, mainly because they are pretty and do stand out (I’m not one to spot a Chanel or Prada bag on the street, and is that LV a fake or real?!). They’ll definitely make a lovely gift, and it also shows to the giftee how much you pay attention to them (how they look at least), making it a special gift!

Claireabella doesn’t just stop at their jute bags though, they have a wide range of stationery, makeup bags, purses and lunchbags etc as well, with many designs to choose from!

I was advised that if you'd like a Claireabella for Christmas you'll have to order now! The 10% off discount code is just above the pictures below x

Another popular range from Toxic Fox, Typography of Love is another personalise-able gift you should consider gifting this Christmas for that special someone. I’ve chosen their Word Art Framed Heart Gloss Frame (£39.99) with black frame, golden tone that comes with golden and clear diamantes (I love sparkles! It should have been one of my 10 special words!), and 10 special words that make me happy!

Like Claireabella, the personalising process is very easy to follow, and you can preview the final result (for Claireabella too) as well. The 10 words are in specific order, so do swap them around until you think that they look perfect on the preview (word space comes in different length as well as fonts and sizes, so a word might look better in one space and not so good in another).
I love how the Typography look when it’s finished! The black pre-printed words are great happy words, and my chosen special words look great in the golden colour! The frame is beautiful too, and I can’t wait to nail it on the wall! I think I’ll have it near my desk so it can remind me of happiness all the time!

The Typography of Love has a lot of products in its range too. Wouldn't this make a romantic gift?

Apart from their gorgeous personalise-able gifts, Toxic Fox sells a lot of other gorgeous Christmas gifts too, including this giant Christmas Cracker (it pops!) filled with 3 berry cupcakes bath bombs! The Beautiful Bath Bomb Christmas Cracker (£7.99) made me very happy (thnk you PR!) as I can really do with an unwinding soak. I’m reluctant to share but Abby’s been eyeing on the pink cupcake with cream and sprinkles on top (they all smell gorgeous but that’s our favourite!) and after her first bath bomb experience, she’s determined to have it. She has even started peeling the plastic off while I wasn’t looking!

Imagine this giant cracker sticking out of someone’s stocking; if it’s me I don’t think I’ll be able to stop bubbling with excitement!

The lovely PR has sent me this Egg & Toast Soldier (Nutcracker!) Gift Set (£6.99) as well, don’t you think it’s cute?! The toast cutters cut out 3 solder shapes, perfect for dipping in the perfectly soft boiled egg! Although I think our egg is too big so the hat won’t go on haha. The spoon is surprisingly well made, unlike some where it’s made of thin plastic. It can be attached to the solder’s hand too.
The solid material used definitely surprised me, and the more I look at it, the more adorable I found the set, so I ended up keeping it instead of gifting it to someone else!

Overall, I’m really happy with all the gifts Toxic Fox has sent me, and there are definitely other gifts I’d like to buy from them too. If you like what you see here as well, don't forget to use the 10% off discount code they have kondly sent me to share with you– TFBlog !

Happy shopping! x