Thursday, 11 December 2014

LEGO Minecraft – The Cave

Abby started playing Minecraft after visiting her cousin months ago, and I still don’t understand why children at this age like the retro looking game. I mean, I went through the pixel age back in 2000 with a similar game and I loved it, but we didn’t have Hi-definition (HD) then, and I only remember thinking of getting better graphics card all the time to keep up with the latest HD games, and this was back in 2010!

Anyway, violence aside, I do like the building and questing side of things in Minecraft, and the LEGO and Minecraft combination sounded like something Abby would love (and she did!), so I gladly accepted the review opportunity for their latest LEGO Minecraft range.

We were sent LEGO Minecraft – The Cave playset (rrp £19.99, recommended for 8 years +), which comes with Steve and Zombie minifigures, a buildable spider and TNT, and the Cave that is surrounded by Lava, flowing water and greens. Steve is to combat against zombie and spider to reach the cave for precious miners and ores, which he can get by using his TNT. He can also combine lava and flowing water to make precious obsidian, and when he gets low on energy, he can replenish it by eating from the chest of bread.

I think that, out of all the LEGO playset range we’ve built before, LEGO Minecraft is a bit harder to keep together. It could be because the playset was meant to be split-able, so that you can change the landscape based on your own creation, but that also means that parts of it breaks off easily. Abby also struggles a bit with the manual as bricks are a bit all over the place to show the pixels pattern, so she got a few blocks in the wrong places. I'm surprised that she was still very determined to finish it though, and she and Clay really likes playing the set after it's build, so I guess Minecraft fans wouldn't mind that at all.

Overall I think it’s slightly less value for money than other LEGO playsets because there seem to be less bricks included, but for Minecraft fans, I know they'll love to get the range for Christmas!