Thursday, 8 January 2015

Crayola ft Disney Frozen

Crayola, Disney Frozen, mess free colouring

I was meant to post about this before Christmas but it was so hectic over here and APC hasn't been very helpful by returning my lovely parcel to the PR within 3 days, which included the night they put the card through our door. Technically that's 2 days because the driver would have kept the parcel until it's returned to depot.


Guess who was the happiest when we finally received the parcel? Clay! Yes haha. As I was busy sorting the house out, this came just in time to keep the kids busy. And with the mess free coloring, I had no problem leaving them to it without worrying about our new cream colour carpet (which is a tone darker now after Christmas and New Year!).

Crayola, Disney Frozen, mess free colouring

Crayola, Disney Frozen, mess free colouring

We were so surprised when we opened the parcel. We absolutely love Crayola's Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring, and it's just lovely to see them adding Disney Frozen to the range. The designs in both the mess free coloring and the Giant Coloring pages are equally beautiful and all related to familiar scenes from the movie.

The colours included in the Crayola Disney Frozen Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring pack is enough to colour most parts of the pages, and you can always collect more colours through other sets or by buying the pens on their own (they are sold in packs). We used the Crayola washable Pip-Squaks Mini Markers for Elsa's hair and although it's not mess free, the colour worked really well.

It might not be obvious but like their other Mess Free Coloring range, there are hidden patterns/ pictures in the pages, like the white dots on Elsa's dress. You can see the more obvious patterns in our Crayola's Mess Free Coloring Doc McStuffin's pack review

We love the Giant Colouring pages as well, look at Anna's dress! It's great for keeping the kids busy, and loose pages means that they can colour at the same time. 

We saw people selling very similar Frozen colouring pages, same size with a small pack of colouring pencils (those you get from restaurants), at the Christmas market. I didn't check the price but even £1 a sheet (I seriously doubt it was that cheap, it is Christmas market after all) is a rip off! Just buy the whole book from Crayola, and get a quality, longer lasting colouring pens pack to go with it to make the kids' colouring experience better!