Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year everybody! It's been a long time since I last posted, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year celebration!

December has been a roller coaster ride for us. We managed to get the house to a presentable stage, so that we could host Christmas and New Year gatherings, by working through a few late nights. It has been well tested by 11 adults and 6 children, and some of us even managed to escape the Norovirus circulation, so our air flow must be quite good hehe.

There are some work that needs doing but hopefully nothing major (humming pipes and mysterious leakage that never happened again). We are still living out from luggages and boxes, but hopefully we can sort some more storage out within the next couple of months. Abby wanted a birthday party at home, so I guess that's our next deadline, which is in 4.5 weeks time.  ...

New Year resolution will be:

- to spend more time with my family and charge up before September when Clay is due for primary school and I'll most likely need to find a part time job (we've got a house to feed!).

- Start baking again. I've come to terms that I don't have the knack of baking pretty things, but I love baking and my lovely hubby has bought me a beautiful Kitchen Aid for Christmas, so I will be trying to kick the perfectionist in me out of the house and bake more. As long as the flavours are there and my family are happy eating them, I'll be happy!

- Cut down on spending! I've definitely over spent on Korean cosmetics to the point where my dressing table and cabinet are full to the brim and I need more faces to clean and pamper. The good news is that I won't need to buy any more for a good 2 years at least. Fingers crossed no more money spending hobbies cropping up!

I'm sure there are more I want to do but the more I add to the list the higher the chance I'm going to disappoint myself at the end of the year. So I'm just going to start my new year by being happy!

Wishing you all a New Year full of happiness, fun, health and success!

Angela x