Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Our New Family Members

Meet Chub and Wrapper (I don't know.. Clay named him), our new family members. I was talking to hubby last night about them and called them "those 2 monkeys", and he thought that I meant Abby and Clay! He said that it's like having another 2 children!

When we had Hammy, Abby was still too young, and then Clay came along so it was difficult for us to look after them all. When Hammy passed away, we decided not to get another fluffy pet as we couldn't commit. 

Now that the kids are both older and we are slowly settling down in the new house, we thought that it is about time to get another fluffy pet. Instead of popping into a chain store, we found these 2 adorable Campbell Dwarf Hamsters from a local pet shop. They looked just like my first ever hamster! These 2 are brothers and were bred by the shop keepers themselves, so they seem to be more tamed than Hammy ever was, although I read somewhere that dwarf hamsters have to be handled all the time or they will become untamed again.

The shop keeper told us that they can't be separated and must be sold as a pair. We had no problem with that, in fact we love to see that they can keep each other company. Just hope that they will get along when they've grown up as well (they are currently 3 months old) as our previous ones did fight and we had to separate them.

After we've set up their cage and monitored them for a while, we soon noticed that one is friendlier than the other. Abby quickly called the friendly one hers and named him Chub! Hopefully we can get them both tamed enough to be used to being around us. I must say though that exciting little children are quite frightening for them, and a nibble on our fingers make us wary too. I guess it will take time to get used to each other!