Wednesday, 4 February 2015


eFrame, Buy picture frames online, photo frames

When Abby was just over 1 year old, we did what a lot of parents did - take professional dolled up pictures of her. We however made a mistake by not checking the frame sizes first, and realised that the pictures taken were not standard sizes. The frames are really the most expensive part of the deal, especially having to have them custom made! And the fact that we have to take the pictures (although printed on a white board) out in the sunlight to hunt the frames down really put us off. So 6 years later, the pictures were still stored in the original packaging (and Abby didn't even know about them!)

An opportunity came up for us to finally bring the pictures back to light though! eFrame, an online company that sells both standard and custom size picture frames, has kindly offered me an opportunity to review their frames. Frames for Abby's pictures without me needing to take them out where there is a higher chance for accidents to ruin them? Yes please!

The first thing to do before you go on eFrame's website is to get the correct measurements (in both inches and millimetres) for your pictures. Unfortunately, for some really bizarre reason, after measuring the pictures myself twice each just to be sure, I still manage to get one of them wrong. And that is 4 inches wider than I need kind of wrong! I wasn't too surprised however. I managed to get our blinds' measurement wrong too (about 15cm too short) so yeah, remind me to ask someone else to do the measuring next time...

Anyway. I went on to Custom Frames and actually found 2 of the 3 picture frame sizes I need (including the one I measured incorrectly) under their Often Bought Sizes section, making it so much easier for me! Under each size, frames are sorted by the width by default, so you just need to scroll to the thickness you want and choose the colour and material you want. You can still adjust the measurements by typing in the exact measurement in millimetres so that they can make sure that the frame fits perfectly for your picture.

I ended up ordering a smooth matte finish frame for the larger picture and a black textured frame for the smaller one.

eFrame, Buy picture frames online, photo frames

eFrame, Buy picture frames online, photo frames

eFrame, Buy picture frames online, photo frames

eFrame, Buy picture frames online, photo frames
Bottom left: Framing Abby's picture board. Fits like a glove!
I ordered the frames on the 8th January night, and they have arrived very well packaged on the 17th, with a weekend in between too. As they are custom made frames, that's quick enough!

The frames looked exactly like the ones on the pictures, and are fairly good quality for the price, especially with a sturdy thick board backing that has a nicely smooth finish. I struggled a little to add the backing for the pictures as they aren't normal photo papers but a proper board. I left the one out for the smaller frame, but managed to fit the one for the bigger frame no problem (I needed it).

The acrylic protector that came with clarity and glazing was protected front and back when it has arrived, is as clear as glass but much lighter in weight. It does attract a bit of dust so make sure your picture is ready before peeling the plastic off. It's very easy to clean with a dusting cloth though so it isn't really a problem.

Now, for the frame that I measured wrongly, I did a little something to it to make the picture fit. We all love the outcome, so don't panic just because a frame doesn't fit, there is so much you can do with them! And here are the pictures:

The black frame with a perfect fit:

eFrame, Buy picture frames online, photo frames
Picture backing was already part of the picture itself but you can add a backing with your eFrame order too

The white frame with a bit of DIY:

eFrame, Buy picture frames online, photo frames

Not bad right?! I visualised it but wasn't 100% sure until I put them together. I am obviously very proud of myself! Can you tell where the actual picture ends?

When Abby saw the pictures she was so happy and couldn't wait to pick a nice spot in her room for them! Clay on the other hand was a bit upset and asked: "Where is Clayton's picture..." uhhh....... #BadParents

I bought the wallpaper border from B&Q for £6 a whole roll, which will be great for other craft projects I'm sure!

Overall we are very happy with the website navigation, wide range of choices (there are some premium ones too!) shipping and packaging service, and the overall quality of the products. If like me, you have problem finding picture frames in the shops that will fit your purpose, give eFrame a try! I better go find some Clayton's pictures to print and frame them up as well...