Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My "Easter Basket" Gradient Cake Recipe on

Easter cake, gradient cake, French Macarons

Some of you already knew that I've been working on an Easter cake last week, but I had to hold back on sharing because I created the recipe to be published on's Inspiration section! Awesome right?! The secrecy was absolutely killing me, but I can finally share it with you today!

Ta da! My "Easter Basket" Gradient Cake! Do you like it?? Please say you do!

Wayfair has a fantastic Inspiration section full of recipes and tutorials to get you inspired, perfect for seasonal times when you need plenty of ideas. I felt really honoured to be given an opportunity to write a recipe for them, thank you so much! It was an amazing experience, and I had a glimpse of being an author writing a recipe book hee hee.

For Easter, I wanted to create a cake that isn't just for children, after all, Easter is meant to be celebrated by all, so this cake has some slightly fancier components such as a to die for blueberry custard buttercream (not the usual buttercream!) and homemade French Macarons (I made 6 batches to perfect this recipe!), yet it's still colourful enough to please the children. The recipe will show you how to make each component so you can recreate the whole cake in the way you want it (you can swap for different ingredients and colours easily).

The recipe will be published on Wayfair's website on the Wednesday 25th March 2015 with plenty of images, please do check it out, I hope you'll like it!