Saturday, 11 April 2015

A.True Real Black Tea CC Cushion

CC Cushion, A.True CC Cushion, tea beauty products

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Even if you aren't familiar with Korean makeup products, someone who is aware of makeup products must have heard of CC cushion (Lancome's adverts) by now. CC cushion started out in Korea years ago, and unless it's hard to find a suitable colour to match your skin, I would highly recommend the better formula (with many choices of formula as well), better ingredients, and better valued (do note that cheap Korean makeup does not mean drugstore quality) CC cushions from Korea.

The Korean cosmetics (skincare and makeup) company A.True has kindly offered me (through a chance to try their new Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion. I have only tried CC cushions from Hera (a mid-high end Korean cosmetics brand) and Etude House (high-street Korean brand) before, and found one a tad too cakey for my T-zone area and the other a bit too white, so it's lovely for a chance to try another one from another brand (I'd say also mid-high end).

A bit about A.True.

Although their skincare aren't very suitable for my skin type, I really like their CC Cushion!

CC Cushion, A.True CC Cushion, tea beauty products

CC Cushion, A.True CC Cushion, tea beauty products

CC Cushion, A.True CC Cushion, tea beauty products

A.True Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion is currently selling at USD$38.00 (approx. £25.92), but comes with a refill (so you will get 2 CC cushions, each contains 12g of products) and 5 sachet samples of A.True products ('s current promotion) as well.

The CC Cushion contains 32% of fermented (twice) Black Tea (Darjeeling Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) from Castleton Tea Gardens in France, who grows over 200 years heritage tea. It boast 6 skin benefits - radiance, firms, hydrates, tones, brightens and boosting, on top of being a CC cream with SPF 50+/PA+++. Hence the reason why I said that Koreans' formula are much better than those from Western companies.

The CC cushion comes in 2 shades - Light Beige (with a pink undertone) and True Beige (with a slight yellow undertone). I chose True Beige and it was a perfect match for my Chinese skin tone.

CC Cushion, A.True CC Cushion, tea beauty products
under different lighting; without primer
Upon swatching the CC cushion on my arm, I smelled something a bit off, like fish oil smell. I've checked and it appeared that I wasn't the only one encountering it, although some said that theirs has no fragrance (it actually has a baby powder smell as well so I'm not sure what they meant by no fragrance?). The fishy smell does go away within seconds, leaving the baby powder smell lingering a bit longer. I'm guessing that it could be the fermented tea smell.

Apart from the smell, the CC cushion is fantastic. It provides just enough coverage to cover my uneven reddish cheeks, and I was happy with the result, even though I haven't built up a thicker coverage. If you prefer a better coverage, simply keep patting more product on until you are happy with it.

After application, my skin felt and looked natural. It's very light weight, non drying, not greasy, no caking, and my T-zone is also very happy with it. The CC cushion is fairly long lasting, but reapplying isn't difficult anyway because of it's compact design. You can simply replace your compact powder with it! My face didn't become shiny after hours of application either, so I'm really happy with it.

If you like natural ingredients, minimum use of chemicals, natural looking skin and don't mind the odd fermented smell which only stays for a couple of seconds, then you should definitely consider A.True's Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion.

Get it now from and use Welcome Spring to get 10% off! For orders over USD$70 you'll also get a A'Pieu Cotton Lip Fluid in Cotton Pink for free.