Friday, 17 April 2015

Children's Play Room

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We've moved into our new home (no no, not the one above. I wish!) almost half a year ago now, and there is one room that hasn't been touched yet - Clay's room. As the kids are still young, we decided to let Abby and Clay sleep in Abby's room as it's bigger (almost as big as our master bedroom!), and turn Clay's much smaller room (it really is unfair, why can't they make the 2nd and 3rd the same size?) into a play room until they decided to split rooms.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of storage, we temporarily used Clay's room as a storage room, until our recent guests visited. Now that his room is clear from boxes (more or less), we think that it's time to sort his room out. This is how it looks like at the moment:

I did a Google search on the words "Children's Play Room" for some ideas, and found the image at the top of this post. O.M.G! I want one! For my retirement!

Obviously we don't have THAT space (and money!) at the moment ("at the moment"), but it has given me some ideas of what I can add to Clay's room, without adding too much clutter to the big heap of  clutter  toys waiting to go back into the room:

  • I (me me me!) want that pastel colour dome in the room! It's absolutely stunning, but I can't possibly drape the whole ceiling with fabric. A rainbow canopy should do the trick
  • I want those big colourful cushions in the room as well, most likely under the rainbow canopy. It will help spread the canopy fabric base wide apart, and it'll be comfortable for the kids to sit/ lean on. Although, cushions do go flat soon, epecially if sat on, so perhaps some big flat bean bags will be more suitable as they hold their shape much better and could even serve as extra seating when we have guests over.
  • Wouldn't it be lovely if you sit under the rainbow canopy with fairy lights at the top as well? Using a hanging basket frame instead of a hoop will give me a bigger area to wrap the fairy lights around, it's going to be mesmerising!
  • Considering getting a rainbow rug for the room as well, although will that be too much with the colourful cushions on top?
  • Storage! It's either a pile of toys on the floor or a pile of toys inside the storage. I like the idea of this one that you build using assorted square panels!

It looks like the rainbow canopy will have to be DIY-ed, but materials aren't hard to find. Another couple of hours browsing the Internet and I've got the room put together (on "paper" anyway)! Now I just need to make sure that I do this room up slowly instead of breaking the bank in one go... hopefully we can get at least the rainbow canopy and bean bags in soon!