Sunday, 3 May 2015

May the Force be with You

Calling all Star Wars fans! I've heard from a reliable source that a group of Microfighters has been sent out on a secret mission, which involves venturing out into the unknown! Although we aren't sure what their secret mission is about, we have heard stories of one brave ARC-170 Starfighter Clone Pilot's encounter with a giant rodent-like creature!

According to the source of the story, this little brave Clone Pilot ventured out into an unknown planet, and was hit by a strong current, forcing him to fly through a thick wall of water. Focusing on keeping his Starfighter in control, he zoomed out to the other side, but the sudden change of density caused him to crash onto a spot that seems to be covered with a thick layer of mulch. He was fortunate to have crashed there, as it has minimised the impact done to his Starfighter. It is broken but he is confident that he could fix it.

However, he has also landed near a giant rodent-like creature, which happened to be hunting for his meal of the day! It was certainly curious about the disturbance and was tempted to take a bite of the Starfighter. The little brave Clone Pilot stood his stand and successfully scared the giant creature away!

Not only was he brave enough to face the giant creature, after fixing his Starfighter, instead of returning to the headquarter, he continued his secret mission and is currently checking out another planet.

What the things these Microfighters have to face for their secret mission! We wish them all the best and hope that they can all return in one piece! May the force be with them!

Disclosure: This is a fun piece written to announce the new LEGO Microfighters set (6 to collect) release, each RRP £8.99, featuring Chub the hamster! Happy 4th May!