Monday, 8 June 2015

Exciting News for LEGO City Fans!

LEGO City, Sea Life, Summer Holiday to do

Hello! Hope you've all had a lovely bank/ half term holiday. Sorry for not posting much, I do have plans to start posting more frequently, and have much to share with you, but as soon as I sit down here in front of the computer, Clay tried to get my attention and the disappointment in his tone is making me feel a bit guilty! So I'll just do a quick post about 2 really exciting LEGO City launches for now, which I should have posted a week ago but the flu virus has taken me down and I ended with sinus infection as well. I have to admit that I'm getting old!

LEGO City, Sea Life, Summer Holiday to do
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First exciting announcement is LEGO City's Deep Sea launch! Clay's favourite is The Octonauts show, he'll absolutely love this set!

To celebrate the new launch, LEGO has partnered with UK Sea Life centres this Summer, where visitors can take part in activities to become an official LEGO City Deep Sea Explorer!

Event: LEGO City Deep Sea Explorer Experience
When: 1st June to 30th August, 2015
Activities include: building a LEGO sea creature, treasure hunt and activity pack
Website for more information:

Competition: Toys R Us UK Facebook page to win some LEGO City Deep Sea Sets and an amazing family trip to the Sea Life centre in Sydney, Australia to snorkel with sharks

Kids Go Free Ticket to Sea Life Centre UK: Buy any LEGO City Deep Sea set from Toys R Us (in store only). One ticket per transaction

LEGO City, Sea Life, LEGO City Space
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Another exciting launch, or re-launch? Is the LEGO City Space range! I bet my brothers and hubby will be really excited about this! It was once their favourite LEGO range and my brother has even passed down his LEGO Space set from the 80s to my nephew too. Like all the other new LEGO City vehicle designs, the new spaceship shape is definitely more refined (rounded?) and realistic. I can't wait to post this picture in our group chat (hang on let me just snap a pic...)!

So 2 amazing LEGO City launches within this month! We are so excited because LEGO City is hubby and both kids' favourite LEGO range, but it means that we have more to save up for now, and we haven't even gotten over the fantastic LEGO Pirates and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes range yet! I'm not complaining though, keep them coming please LEGO!