Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Endless Jewelry - Endless Charm Bracelet

When I was doing my research for last year's Christmas Gifts Guide, I came across Endless Jewelry's bracelets, and I had to recommend them. They are absolutely stunning, and would make a perfect gift for the sophisticated ones who also like something different from the usual metal charm bracelets.

Last month, the lovely people from Endless Jewelry, who have found my Christmas Gifts Guide, offered me a starter bracelet to review, and I was obviously really happy! After all, we all have a wish list that we can't always fulfil, but they have given me the opportunity to start on one in mine!

Colour changes a bit under different light, and can look like beige (mostly) or sandy
Leather a bit squished after sliding in the charm, but can be adjusted. I just didn't notice at the time

Each Endless Jewelry Endless Starter Bracelet are currently selling at £55, and comes with a double starter leather bracelet (worth £45 on its own; made from genuine calf leather and folds into 2 loops. You also have a choice of 3 sizes and 12 colours) and 1 of 10 of their sterling silver charms (worth between £15 to £20 each).

I chose Nude for my bracelet with a dangling star charm, which is called Endless "Star of the Night" Silver on their Charms page.

The bracelet comes with a stainless steel magnetic lock, which I really really like, and it matches the design perfectly (I don't think a clasp will look as good as the magnetic lock). The leather bracelet is very lightweight and cushiony, and the length I chose, based on their website's guideline, is perfect and really comfortable.

Unlike chain bracelets, which are also heavier, it doesn't roll everywhere so you can style it with a particular charm staying on top of the back of your hand, and another one, perhaps a dangly one, under your wrist.

The charm I chose is very pretty (love how the star points twist a bit in an angle to make it look like a swirl) and dainty. The hoop fits the bracelet just right, so you'll need to guide it into the bracelet, but you can be sure that it will not run away and will stay exactly where you want it to be (this used to annoy me a lot with other charm bracelets, especially when there isn't enough charms at the beginning of a collection and they all fall to one side).

I must say that my Star of the Night looks a bit lonely on my double loop bracelet, and I'm really tempted to finish my bracelet with many more charms in one go! I must resist though, after all they are 925 sterling silver charms (some are gold or rose-gold plated, but still 925 sterling silver inside), and some comes with gorgeous jewels too. So I have created a wishlist on Endless Jewelry's website, and will gradually add them to my bracelet:

Can you tell that I'm a silver/ white gold kinda girl (or woman...)?
The leather bracelet itself is stylish enough anyway, and many of the colours will suit perfectly for a beachy, sporty look (like my Nude one). So I'll still be able to wear it without it looking awkward.

The stand goes into the rectangle box of the charm holder
While I'm not using the charm, I can place it in My Endless holder the really kind Endless Jewelry people sent me as well (it was a lovely surprise!). You can get it for free on orders of £100 or above, or buy it on its own for £19.90 from their site too.

I really like Endless Jewelry's bracelets, and after the review, I know I have done the right thing by adding it to my Christmas Gifts Guide.