Monday, 27 July 2015

It is Time for that Long Needed Holiday

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Two weeks until our trip to Holland! We are so excited because we are desperate for a holiday abroad. The kids are already bored on their second day of their Summer holiday too, which really isn't helping!

Mind you, it wouldn't be the Sun, Sea and Beach holiday that I was planning for since last year. After all, circumstances and priority changes, so last minute holiday plans are probably more suitable for us.

Even though our plans has changed, there is no harm in browsing for the holiday we wished to go on, especially after seeing my family's pictures of their holiday in Spain (I'm totally jealous). I've put my wishlist together here to refer back to when we can finally go on one of them. Maybe it can spark up your interest as well to take a last minute holiday abroad?

Beach Holiday - Costa Calma, Fuerteventura SPAIN
We are, okay.. I am, pretty "city" in the core. The last time we went on a Sun, Sea and Beach holiday (back in 2006), we enjoyed spending some of our time inside the hotel that has its own facilities and entertainment, and I think that if we go on a pure beach holiday, me and the kids might get bored pretty quickly. Costa Calma in Fuerteventura sounds like the perfect beach holiday for us, as it has everything to keep us entertainment while being so close to the beach too! I think we can easily stay there for a 7 to 10 days holiday no problem!

Cruise Holiday - Colourful Coast Cruise Trip on Thomson Majesty

Images from Thomson's website
We have been talking about a Cruise holiday for years now, and what better than one that has a Kids Club as well to keep the kids entertained? Unfortunately there’s no way we can hop on a last-minute cruise this year, so I’ll have to remember this one! Their Colourful Coast is definitely our cup of tea, and it will stop by Lanzarote, the island I was looking at last year!

City Holiday - Dubai

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We have done a lot of city breaks, but the top one we'd love to visit, and think that the kids might like too, is Dubai. We've passed by the airport plenty of times, and would really love to venture out to check out one of the richest city in the World! Maybe next time we will spend a night there during our transit to Hong Kong/ Taiwan (it would make a great stopover in the middle of a 22 hours flight!).

Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go to all of them. But Holland is waiting for us and I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time there! Just two more weeks!!