Monday, 13 July 2015

LEGO Ferrari F40

LEGO cars, Ferarri F40, Ferrari merchandise

LEGO cars, Ferarri F40, Ferrari merchandise

I absolutely love the LEGO Creator range (my favourite, actually), but I think this is one for the super car lovers hehe. The newly released and exclusive to LEGO store LEGO Ferrari F40 (RRP £69.99, contains 1158 pieces) is looking really hot with amazing details!

I do spot some LEGO Technic pieces, but like all LEGO Creator sets, you don't get big pieces (although judging from the pictures, the windscreen and tyres are specially made for this set) to take away your satisfaction of building a LEGO construction from absolute scratch! Just look at the bonnet and v8 engine and you'll know what I mean.

The LEGO Ferrari F40 will be a good 27cm long, I think that spells value for money and an amazing gift!