Tuesday, 14 July 2015

LEGO Friends Pop Star - Show Stage

LEGO Friends Pop Star, LEGO mechanism, interactive toy

With different LEGO minifigures and a colourful range of LEGO bricks, LEGO Friends has become another one of our favourite LEGO range since their first release. Fans can use the fantastic mini series in the range to create their perfect Heartlake City - peaceful and quiet with small shops and a horse riding ranch, or even a sun, sea and beach holiday place. With the new airport and grand hotel, tourists will certainly be visiting the city, and what better to entertain them with than a Summer Festival performed by the newly released LEGO Friends Pop Star?

LEGO Friends Pop Star, LEGO mechanism, interactive toy

One of the LEGO Friends Pop Star set - Show Stage (rrp £34.99, with 446 LEGO pieces) comes with LEGO Friends minifigure Andrea, as well as the new LEGO Friends character Livi Star. Fans will be building an interactive show stage that comes with a drums set, piano, guitar, microphones (so cute!), and a rebuildable stage.

LEGO Friends Pop Star, LEGO mechanism, interactive toy
The base of the stage, showing the mechanism inside
LEGO Friends Pop Star, LEGO mechanism, interactive toy

LEGO Friends Pop Star, LEGO mechanism, interactive toy
Rebuildable stage
With most LEGO sets that comes with 2 - 3 parts manuals, we will normally take a manual each and split the fun between us. Abby chose to build the additions to the stage (she really loved building them!) and I got to amuse myself with the stage mechanism.

The stage Livi stands on will rotate simultaneously with the 4 background panels by turning the yellow knob on the right (there are also 2 mini stages where Andrea is standing on in the above picture that rotates together when turned) I'm not really into engineering, but cogs and gears, things that make something work always fascinates me, and I was so fascinated by the stage I had to take a picture of the interior to show you how it worked! In fact, I even took a couple of videos to show you why this LEGO Friends construction set is so cool!

Think about it, the mechanism is made purely using LEGO Technic pieces. Plastic pieces. No metal, no electricity, no screws, just LEGO. How awesome is that?!

Then, they've also made the stage rebuildable. You can take them apart in big chunks, and set the stage the way you want it. The flexibility allows builders to go beyond what's shown on the box and expand their imagination and role-play fun, I really can't fault that! As they were all made from classic LEGO pieces, builders can even extend the stage by using their own bricks to make more parts to add to the stage. I think this has to be one of  the most exciting LEGO set, and definitely the most exciting LEGO Friends set we've built so far!

Needless to say, we highly recommend this functional and fun set!

Disclosure: The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review