Monday, 13 July 2015

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man Set Release

Ant-Man, Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Marvel

Another Marvel Cinametic Universe movie is coming out this week! This time they are introducing another Marvel Super Hero - Ant-Man into the film series, and I heard that it will be another mini series like Iron Man and Captain America. Ant-Man will also appear in other Marvel films too.

We've just seen the Ant-Man trailer yesterday and Abby absolutely adores the tiny man. I'm still more in favour of the Avengers gang that has already appeared so far (mind you, we haven't seen Avengers: Age of Ultron yet, so I'm still talking about the first Avengers movie), but I'm sure it'll be another fantastic movie.

To celebrate its launch, LEGO has released a LEGO Ant-Man set to add to the already brilliant LEGO Marvel Super Heroes range! It is looking really good (look at those ant wings and LEGO ants!) and will certainly appeal to those who enjoy the Marvel Cinametic Universe range! Ant-Man Final Battle is retailed at £19.99 and you can buy it online or in stores now.