Thursday, 30 July 2015

LEGO Technic - Mercedes-Benz Arocs

This one is for the LEGO Technic fans - the new LEGO Tecnic Mercedes-Benz Arocs!

Although we aren't really a LEGO Technic fan (the pieces just doesn't feel very LEGO to us), we can't deny that we have always been impressed by what you can build with LEGO Technic. The special LEGO pieces allow for more accurate designs to be built, hence resemble their real life counter parts much closer than those built by the original LEGO pieces.

This time LEGO Technic has partnered with Mercedes-Benz and recreated their Arocs trucks. The set comes with LEGO motor and battery box as well, so it moves! Talking about realistic! LEGO are now challenging fans to spot the difference between the real Arocs and the LEGO Technic Arocs:

Looks pretty good right? The LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs will be available from this Saturday 1st August 2015 from all good toy stores, retailing at RRP £169.99 (2,793 pieces). Certainly one for the collectors this Christmas!