Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Summer Holiday ft. Toxicfox

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Three weeks to go and it'll be Summer holiday, hurray! Don't get me wrong, having the kids with me 24/7 for 6 weeks will drive me crazy, but it's obvious that the kids are getting tired (especially Abby. She won't even do homework that is too easy for her to do without putting up a fight!), and they are desperate for a good break. 

Hubby has been quite busy for the past several months as well, and it's taking its toll on both of us, so we are really looking forward to our trip to Holland next month and have a really good break while visiting my dearest family we haven't met for 2 years (is that it?! It certainly felt longer haha) too. You can read all about our previous visit to Holland here, where I've covered "street" food you must try and food we stocked up to bring home, Efteling fairy tale theme park and more.

I think I'm not alone to say that, when we mums (especially those with young children) go on a holiday, we are still spending a good portion of our time to look after the rest of the family. They are our priority, but we mustn't forget about ourselves either, so I've come up with some holiday things to bring ideas here, featuring products you can get from Toxicfox (stock photos are also from them), to serve as a reminder for myself of what I can/ should bring, and hopefully can inspire you as well.

Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday

Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday

ClaireaBella Beauty Print Makeup Bag £15.99

I'm not someone who'd always put makeup on, even though they make me look more awake and I get complimented every time when I do. It's a bit vain yes but secretly, everyone loves to be complimented, so I'm just going to admit that I do too, it just take too much effort (including cleaning everything off when you just want to drop dead in bed). But I'll be on a holiday so, why not?

ClaireaBella do really cute makeup bags, and they are made from fluffy and soft fabric too! The size is just right to hold all the makeup I need for a daily Summer look (yup, that's all the products I'll be slapping on my face, and my lip makeup isn't even included), and on other days it still look good enough to hold my other fancy makeups.

The ClaireaBella range are all personalised, and are made in the UK with love (I found no fault!) so can take a bit longer to reach you, but it's worth for the quality you get. They've expanded their product range as well as design choices, and it's great to see designs suitable for girls too. The pets (and butterflies) range can even extend to much younger girls as well:

Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday

Some other ClaireaBella products and designs perfect for holiday:

Passport Cover
Large Jute bag in Summer 2015 design
ClaireaBella holiday design for girls
ClaireaBella Pet-a-Bella Dogs design

Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday
Love the packaging design but to quickly spot what each sachet contains,
simply look on the top left corner or the middle of the sachet
Detox Pamper Pack £9.99

Holiday essentials! It's the time of the year to unwind the stress we've accumulated, so you must find some Me time to pamper yourself. You have no housework in the way, and if kids won't go to bed, so be it, there is no excuses to not have a Me moment on a holiday! Not all of us can afford (money and time wise) to go visit a Spa, so a Detox Pamper Pack will be a perfect idea to use in your hotel room!

The Detox Pamper Pack comes with Face (Clay) Mask, Hair Treatment Mask, Under Eye Gel Pads and Foot Cream. I think they are great as everything is already in a pack, so you don't have to bring bottles and jars of assorted pampering skincare with you. Each pack contains natural extracts and oils, and the amount of product is generous for one time use too.

You can of course compile your own Detox Pamper Pack if you prefer, it's a fab idea!

Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday
Face Mask - Feels like thick night face cream. Smells lovely
Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday
Under Eye Gel Pads - very cooling!
Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday
Foot Cream - Smells of lavender, light creamy texture that absorbs quick, not sticky nor greasy,
and makes skin feel moisturised
Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday
Left: Hair Treatment Mask - wash off treatment. Smells coconutty (holiday smell!)
Enough product for long hair
I'd also like to point out that you can also get a Retox Pamper Pack from Toxic Fox!

Summer holiday essentials, holiday pampering, Beach holiday

Browsing Toxicfox's website for holiday things to bring ideas was really fun. They sell a lot of quirky products, which I think will be perfect for couples holiday, but I won't be featuring them here hehe. I did pick up ideas that I'd never think of but is perfect for a chillout holiday, but it might add to the weight of your luggage. They are still great ideas though!

Bath Bombs
- The kids had absolute fun when we brought bath bombs to our hotel room last time, so it's not just for us mums! Just make sure that you keep the one you love for yourself!

Spa Hot Rocks
- This gift set comes with 9 varius sized rocks with a velveteen bag, incense holder and stick, and candle holder and candle. This might be a bit heavy so if you are going by plane, it might not be such a good idea. Otherwise it'll be a perfect spa treatment you can do in your own hotel room!

Jar of Sweets
- For yourself or to keep the kids busy during travelling (you might regret it afterwards)

Personalised Suit Cases
- I'm not sure about you but I find looking for my luggage on the conveyor belt really stressful! Toxicfox have a good range of suit cases that all stands out, so it's hard to miss and with them being personalised, I don't think there is any reason why someone will mistake yours as theirs!

Hopefully you'll find something useful here to bring on your holiday. This is of course not all the things Toxicfox have, so it's worth browsing their website, which have video clips to show you the actual products recommended by staff too. Time for me to continue compiling our lists (oh yes, there are many!)!