Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Minions - Top Trumps Minions

The Minions, Top Trumps Card Game, game for travel

Have you seen The Minions movie yet? We absolutely adore the Minions when we first watched Despicable Me, and Clay has been calling them "Baa Baa Naa Naa" ever since (can't beat the Banana song). We loved them most in Despicable Me 1, and they were still a treat in Despicable Me 2. So it's only logical that we would love The Minions movie, right? To be honest, we think that they were still the best in Despicable Me 1, but a full load of Baa Baa Naa Naa have apparently made our day to the cinema "The Best Day Ever!" so I'm not complaining!

Having seen the movie, the merchandise made much more sense to us (and spoilers were safely avoided), and we have been getting our hands on several of them. For example, Tesco's free colouring books, The Minions Monopoly and McDonald's Happy Meal Minion toys.

But we were also lucky to be given another 2 awesome The Minions merchandise to review! As Baa Baa Naa Naa fans, how can we say no?

First up is Top Trumps Minions cards!

The Minions, Top Trumps Card Game, game for travel

Top Trumps Minions cards (age 3+, rrp £4.99; contains 30 themed feature cards and How to Play card) are absolutely brilliant because each of the cards features scenes and characters from The Minions movie, reminding us of our favourite parts of the animation; it is another fun game we can play together, and we can easily take this with us on holiday! It will be especially useful for our 5 hours ferry trip to Holland next month!

If you haven't played Top Trumps before, you basically compare each players' card on the top of your decks, focusing on the item (Cleverness, Bravery, Leadership, etc) that's been called out by the player who's on their turn. The one with the card showing the highest point of that item wins, and he/ she gets to keep all the top cards from each deck. The player with all the cards wins at the end (see full instructions and video here).

With Top Trumps, I think that 30 cards isn't enough especially if you have more than 3 players! There are around 97 Top Trumps card designs to choose from though, including Frozen and Star Wars, so you can create your own favourite movies collection! Each pack of Top Trumps cards comes with a barcode card as well and if you collect 5 of these barcode cards (from different Top Trumps card packs) you can claim a 6th pack, plus a collector's wristband for free. Imagine playing Top Trumps while recapping your favourite moments from 6 different movies!

Top Trumps also have a "Make Your Own Top Trumps" app (for iOS only), and a virtual Top Trumps World playable online. Feel free to check them out!

I've been collecting games to bring onto the ferry (can't really let them play Nintendo 2DS for 5 hours!), so this really make a fantastic addition.

Oh! Have you heard that Despicable Me 3 will be on its way? Looking forward to 2017!