Sunday, 20 September 2015

Designing our Garden

Garden Design, Awkward garden shape, Gardening

When we bought our previous house, it came with a well designed garden. There were rocks of assorted sizes, curving pebbles path, well thought out bushes and plants etc. But it just wasn't children friendly. So we ripped the whole garden apart, flattened and turfed it. It wasn't perfect as we couldn't do a lot of things, but we had a good patio area as well, so we didn't bother developing it further.

Now that we have moved to a new house, which came with a readily turfed garden, we didn't think that we'd need to put in a lot of work into it. However, it is much bigger than our previous garden, and THAT is a LOT of grass. And to maximise its use, we decided that we will have to do something about it.

We aren't very good with gardening though. The fact that our garden has the most awkward shape means that we were stuck with ideas, not knowing what to do. Just thinking about where to put a shed has given us enough headache because no matter where we put it, we will lose a piece of land.

After a good 10 months, we've finally decided to put a Summer House at the end of the garden and let go of a piece of land. At least we can move on to designing the rest of the garden now.

This is one of those times when I'm glad that the Internet was invented and we could easily access images around the globe for inspirations. By picking out several really beautiful garden designs, I managed to put together a draft for the basic layout!

Garden Design, Awkward garden shape, Gardening
Image credit (Top to Bottom, Left to Right):
Beauty of Islam by Al Barari Firm Management for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015
Out &Out Original - California| Homify
Bowles & Wyer - A Country Garden in the Cotswolds| Homify
Concept Eight Architects - Swaffield Road| Homify
Terra - Jardin de Flores| Homify
Muda Home Design - Jardim Bambus| Homify
OC Lichtplanung - Traumhafter Privatgarten mit Schwimmteich| Homify
The idea of a zigzagging path leading from the house to the end of the garden has really saved us! It's perfect for our garden shape, although I would prefer the path to curve into the garden instead. We have enough sharp corners as it is!

I am also inspired by the round decking, which we could apply to the Summer house, and it matches the curving path that leads to it too. The thought of having fragrant lavenders lining both sides of the path is really nice too! We might even hide several spot lights among them to light up the path! We'd definitely add spot lights under bamboo trees to make them even more inviting!

I know what I'd like (still have to show hubby!) for the garden, but it takes creativity I don't have to put them together! I managed to come up with the following draft:

Garden Design, Awkward garden shape, Gardening

though it's hardly professional! At least we've got something on paper now and should be able to work from that to something hopefully more sophisticated.

Are you a garden designer? We would love to read your opinion!