Wednesday, 30 September 2015

#GBJABO - Chocolate Lolly Maker

#GBBO Chocolate, Chocolate Lolly Maker, Children Baking Set

It's chocolate this week at #GBBO! Chocolate can be a very tricky ingredient to "play" with, especially when you are melting them in small scales. But with John Adams' Chocolate Lolly Maker, we don't have to temper the chocolate and they still come out looking (and tasting of course!) perfect, even though we've only made 2 lollies at a time!

#GBBO Chocolate, Chocolate Lolly Maker, Children Baking Set

The Chocolate Lolly Maker (RRP £19.99, suitable for 6 years +) comes with:

- Lolly Wrapper unit
- Lolly moulds trays x 2
- Lolly moulds (flower, rabbit, pony and heart)
- Message moulds (stamps) x 8
- Chocolate melting unit with spoon and stirrer
- Re-usable lolly sticks
- Ribbon and bags
- Manual

and you'll need assorted chocolate drops/ buttons.

#GBBO Chocolate, Chocolate Lolly Maker, Children Baking Set
Don't stir too much or the lollies will come out with lots of holes (because of the popped air bubbles)
#GBBO Chocolate, Chocolate Lolly Maker, Children Baking Set

#GBBO Chocolate, Chocolate Lolly Maker, Children Baking Set

It is best to lay out everything you need before making the chocolate lollies. Simply place the chocolate lolly moulds with lolly sticks in the trays, and select the hidden message stamps you'll need. Then, with an adults' help, pour very warm water into the chocolate melting unit, making sure that the cap is tightened properly.

Melt your choice of chocolate in the tray and pour it into the mould. Make sure that the chocolate fills the mould as much as possible so that the lolly stick remains inside the chocolate. One unit of melted chocolate can fill approximately one lolly mould plus more for the second one.

We found that the best thing to do is to fill one mould up, then add more chocolate drops/ buttons to the melting unit to make more melted chocolate before making the second lolly. You will have to change the water after this for further chocolate melting.

#GBBO Chocolate, Chocolate Lolly Maker, Children Baking Set
Top: Tiny holes from air bubbles created during mixing
Left: White and Milk marbled chocolate, with edible sparkles
Right: Edible balls placed in the mould before pouring chocolate on them
Top: Stamped the chocolate after lollies were in the fridge for more than 5 minutes
Bottom: Left the stamp on the lollies before they went into the fridge, and kept them on for 10 minutes before removing
We also found that the hidden messages turn out clearer when the stamp is placed on the chocolate lolly before it goes into the fridge. The texture of the chocolate is just right for the stamp after you've filled the second lolly in. Then remove the stamp after the lollies have been in the fridge for about 10 minutes. You can then pop the lollies out after another 20 to 30 minutes. The popping sound is very satisfying to hear!

The whole process is fun and very easy to do for the kids, and you can even mix 2 type of chocolate to create a marble effect (see above image), or even add colouring to white chocolate! We've also used edible sparkles and balls for our lollies.

#GBBO Chocolate, Chocolate Lolly Maker, Children Baking Set

Now comes the decoration part! This is what I like about John Adams' children food making range. They come with the decorations! The lolly maker comes with a lolly wrapping unit, where you place the chocolate lolly in the unit, cover it with a cellophane bag, clip it in place and turn the lolly to twist the end of the bag together. Then simply tie a ribbon around the twisted bag before releasing the lolly.

The re-usable lolly sticks are fantastic, but if Abby is going to make some chocolate lollies for her friends or even teachers, I'd rather give her disposable ones to use as we will want to keep the re-usable ones for ourselves!

There are 8 different stamp styles, including one for Christmas, a Thank you, Love you and Happy Birthday etc. making these lollies suitable gifts for almost all occasions.

Having tried all 3 of their new and re-launched products, I think it is safe to say that, although we like all 3 sets (Mini-make Cupcakes, M!xUbbles and Chocolate Lolly Maker), our favourite is definitely the Mini-make Cupcakes set. We love John Adams' chocolate melting unit, and the one in the Mini-make Cupcakes set is bigger with lots of compartments so you can melt different chocolate at the same time. The set is a lot more versatile (you can make mini cupcakes, moulded chocolates or even cake pops!) so it's more value for money too. All 3 sets are well made and the design is well thought through, so any one of them will be great for the kids to use really.

I'd definitely love to see more products under this range from John Adams!